Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 39 Pt 4

Chapter 39 Part 4

I was really surprised to hear a school official ask that question in front of non-school officials. Mrs. Hinther was especially shocked by this too - you could see it on her face.

“Well we’ve already made sure that she has friends in each of her classes that can walk from class to class with her. What more do you want? A teacher to walk them from class to class? I would think that would make things worse,” she told him.

Personally o agreed with her there. I took a brief glance at Amy - she and I shared a silent ‘PLEASE NO!’ look.

“Mrs. Hinther, I don’t really believe that’s a good answer either,. Tell me are teachers monitoring the hallways?” my Mom asked.

“They’re supposed to be,” she answered.

“Where are you during the passing periods?” Mr. Hancock asked.

“Usually in the office…”

“Well there’s a start to a solution right there,” my Mom told her. “You should be stationing yourself out where trouble could be happening - in this case you know which classes these girls have. Stand in between their two classes. If they have a problem you should be able to pick up on it - if not then they just go on by like normal students.”

Go Mom!

“I think that sounds like a good solution Mrs. Hinther,” Mr. Jameson said. “I want to see it done.”

“We’ll make sure it begins happening,” Mrs. Henry answered for the dumbstruck principal.

“Now, for today, what are we going to do for these two? They have a threat on them that I think is fairly serious. Obviously the students that did it feel safe enough to be public about it. Do you think you’ll be able to figure out who did this today?” Mr. Hancock asked Mrs. Henry.

“I don’t know sir, realistically I’ll find out by Monday for certain. Today will probably be a little quick for that to get to me.”

Mr. Hancock and my parents talked quietly for a few moments. “Would you please let Coach Holt know that Amy won’t be at practice today? I think we’re going to go ahead and take them home for today. They’ll be back on Monday after we get back from New York.”

“Um… Okay,” Mrs. Henry answered. “we’ll do everything we can in the meantime to figure out what’s going on.”

“Yes you will, because if I feel for one second that you aren’t you can plan on a suit filed against the school next Friday. The suit will name both of you in it if that happens.”

“Is that a threat Mr. Hancock?” Mrs. Hinther asked.

“No, it’s a fact of reality. The girls have a right to a free and safe education - they will get it. If it’s not provided to them willingly I will fight for it to be.” he told them. Once he had paused for a moment he said, “Well thank you for your time, we’re going to take the girls now.”

He motioned for all of us to go ahead and leave. Amy and I went together really quickly to our lockers to get our stuff. The custodians had done a decent job of getting the marker off… but you could still see some black marks here and there.

“I wish they would have cleaned it off sooner Tiff,” Amy told me.

“Yeah, leaving it up between third and fourth hour just guaranteed that every student would see it.”

“Well, let’s get out of here. At least we’re getting out of a half-day of school now,” Amy

“Yeah… but that means we have like three tests to make up next week from today. And that’ll be in the middle of dance camp…” I told her.

“It’ll work out. Besides, maybe some of the teachers will decided to not make us take them?” she suggested.

“Maybe if you ask,” I told her.

“What, you think that you can’t pull it off just as easily now?”

“Not really,” I said as we caught up with our parents standing outside the office door.

“Are you two ready?” Amy’s Mom asked us.

We nodded in response before they led us outside. “Well, this wasn’t exactly in my plans for today,” Mr. Hancock said when we went outside. “Do you guys need to get to work?” He asked my parents.

“Yeah I do,” my Mom said.

“So do I,” my Dad agreed.

“Why don’t you two go ahead and I’ll just take Tiffany to our house. We were going to pick her up to go to the salon later anyway,” Amy’s Mom suggested.

Mom looked a bit pained to be leaving me after all of this, but she replied, “That’s probably the best plan,” Looking at me, “Tiffany come here for a moment though okay?” she asked.

I went over to their car and talked to Mom and Dad on my own for a few moments. They were mainly concerned about me and wanted to make sure everything was alright. Well… it wasn’t, but it could have been worse right? And everyone knew I would be just as safe with the Hancock’s. They both gave me a hug before I went back over to Mrs. Hancock’s car and got in next to Amy.

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