Fresh Start Chapter 40

Jirra changed and walked over to her office. She was wearing the same dark green shorts, but had ditched the t-shirt for a yellow cotton top. When she arrived at her office, she found a nametag lying on her desk.

As she examined it, Judy walked in.

"By being the editor of the newsletter, I figured you deserve staff status. That way you still have full access to the spa, and none of the guests get their noses out of joint," explained Judy.

Jirra smiled back. "Thanks, Judy."

"I'm getting great feedback on the newsletter. I want you to set up an e-mail account just for the newsletter; that way the staff can contact you directly."

Jirra nodded and told Judy her plan to have a different staff member's recipe each week.

"Great idea. You know, we could turn that into a cookbook. We could add some health hints and photos and sell it in the gift shop," remarked Judy.

"What gift shop?"

"We'll be adding one in the spring. We'll sell health and beauty items, local art, clothing, and other things."

"Cool," remarked Jirra.

"Here, let me help you," stated Judy and she pinned the nametag on Jirra's chest. "I got another call from Emily this morning. She's very impressed with you."

Jirra smiled broadly.

"Alexis will arrive a week from tomorrow and will definitely stay two weeks."

"That's cool. Will Emily be coming along?"

"No. She said that Alexis wants some time alone. Emily will be staying in Hollywood."

"This is pretty exciting."

Judy smiled. "I know. It's hard not to get a little star struck."

Jirra worked on the newsletter for a couple of hours. She was pleased to see Tara walk in.

"Just wanted to drop by and see what you'd like for the next edition," stated Tara.

"Whatever you want to write about is cool with me," replied Jirra.

"You'll have to improve your micromanagement skills if you want to be a real editor, Jirra. You're not controlling enough."

Jirra laughed. "I'll try to remember that. Can I ask you something?"

Tara nodded.

"How old were you when you came out?"

"Twenty-one, why?"

Jirra then told Tara about Dave and Lindsey. "I'm not looking to stand out, but I can't keep turning down dates."

"Why not? Look, it's your life."

"Yes, but what will they say?"

"Do you care?"

Jirra thought about it. "No, not really. It's just that the less spotlight on me the better."

"Jirra, I can't tell you what's best for you. It's up to you. I know that you're going to have some interesting decisions to make. Now, you're not enrolling in the local high school, right?"

Jirra nodded.

"So what would happen if you did tell them that you're a lesbian? It's not as if you'll be dealing with them on a daily basis."

Jirra stared back.

"The staff accepts you. Judy will not tolerate any harassment by anyone working here, and that includes contracted workers. She already fired one guy for making a racist slur against Gregory."

"Gregory? Why? He's so nice."

Tara nodded. "Judy overhead a local contractor call him a wetback. She cancelled his contract that afternoon."


"The same zero tolerance would apply to any harassment you might get. In case you've forgotten, Judy carries a lot of clout with the local business community."

"Thanks, Tara. You have no idea how much this conversation helps."
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And Thank you Becnme, this storyline has us glued.

Glad you're enjoying it.

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