Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 40 Pt 2

Chapter 40 Part 2

Apparently the two of us thought more alike than I had ever realized. She had worn the same swimsuit, only the second time for her. That sent the two of us into a giggling fit as we went downstairs. “Where are you two heading?” Her Mom asked.

“Umm… Mommy may we go swimming?” Amy asked belatedly.

“We’re going to the salon at 3:30,” she told us.

“We should have more than enough time to swim and shower before then,” Amy said.

“Please?” I added.

“Oh alright, but I’m going to kick you both out at 2:50 so you can get showered. I don’t want them to have to deal with two girls fresh out of the swimming pool.”

“Thanks!” We both said together as we hurried outside to the pool. The two of us spent the time mainly floating around - not saying or doing much. After about forty minutes we migrated over to the Jacuzzi. That felt really good, but we only were able to spend about five minutes in it before Amy’s Mom sent us upstairs to go shower.

I didn’t spend a long time in the shower on anything other than my hair. I did want to get all the pool water washed out of it. As I got out and got dressed I looked at my hair. Since the last time I had been to the salon I had added a fair amount of hair to my head. I figured I’d added another 3 inches to the length of my hair - wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it from here.

I grabbed a hairbrush fro my dresser and went downstairs and sat on a couch brushing my hair out. Amy’s Mom had a talk show on, and I just brushed my hair non-stop while watching the show. I was joined by Amy a little while later and in no time at all we were being herded into their car to go to the salon.

By the time we got to the salon Amy and I seemed to have relaxed a bit - some of the tension we were feeling was leaving us. The two of us were chatting normally as we walked in.

“Hello Mrs. Hancock, how are you doing today?” the owner of the salon greeted us.

“I think we’ve all had better days, but we’re kind of hoping you can help us forget that,” she told her.

“I’m sorry to hear that. We will certainly do our best to work on that though.” The owner said with a very vibrant smile. “What all are we doing today?” she asked as she led us towards a room where they would have us put on some really soft robes that I remember from the last time.

“Well we want to get Amy and Tiffany a new hairstyle that looks great for everyday stuff as more formal events. We’re going to be going to an event Friday that they’re both going to be dressed up for - we’d like to be able to do something with their hair for that.”

“Why don’t you come back here on Friday and I’ll get them ready no charge?” She suggested.

“We’d love to take you up on that, but unfortunately we’re going to be in New York for the event.”

“Really? In that case do you think you can make it to….” she rambled of f an address in New York. It might as well have been gibberish to me though - I had no idea where anything was in that city.

“That’s not far from where we’ll be. Why do you ask?”

“Well I’ve got a really good friend there that owns a salon. She owes me a couple favours. Is this a really big event?” she asked.

“We think it is. The girls, and two of their friends, produced a video back in May for a class that has been picked up by a Film Festival there. Originally it was just going to be a minor daytime showing, but instead they decided to attach it to the main event film on Friday night. We’ve been told to come dressed for a ‘red carpet’ event.”

“That’s awesome. Why don’t you three go ahead and get changed in here and I’ll try and get hold of her while you’re getting worked on today,” she said.

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