Fresh Start Chapter 41

Jirra was sitting across from Lindsey. They were both in Lindsey's bedroom, and Lindsey was in the middle of filing Jirra's nails.

"Your nails were awful, what do you use on them, nail clippers?" asked Lindsey as she filed one of Jirra's nails.

"What else would I use?" asked Jirra.

"Ugh! You really are a guy deep down, aren't you!" exclaimed Lindsey.

"That's what I've been telling you all along," replied Jirra.

"I'm giving you a nail file, and I expect you to use it," stated Lindsey. "Seriously, if you want to pass, you need to keep your nails in better shape. Also you need to start using polish."

"No way," replied Jirra.

"This is clear-coat, it'll protect your nails, without any colour," stated Lindsey. "OK?"

Jirra nodded.

"Good. Trust me, Jirra, this will look so much better."

A few minutes later Lindsey was finished. "You'll need to let them dry. Big improvement. Now if you'd only let me help you with some makeup."

"Not tonight. I appreciate your help. I know you only want what's best for me. You have no idea how hard this is for me," replied Jirra.

Lindsey nodded. "Well, I must admit that you dressed appropriately."

Jirra was wearing a pair of jeans and a green cotton top. She was also wearing sandals.

"I was a little nervous wearing anything light collared, but Mum said that the odds of me... leaking is slim. Still, I didn't want to take any chances."

"I have that fear all the time!"

Jirra nodded. "Changing the subject, shouldn't Dave be here soon?"

Lindsey nodded. They walked into the living room and saw his Jeep pull into their driveway. "Speak of the devil, here he is."

Thirty minutes later they were sitting in the town's only pizza place.

They made small talk as they waited for their order to arrive. Jirra had to admit that Dave was pretty nice, and he and Lindsey made a nice couple.

The only thing that bugged her about him was that twice he'd asked her if she needed a date. Thankfully, Lindsey asked him to stop it. Dave looked slightly confused but didn't press the point anymore.

The pizza wasn't too bad, although it wasn't up to the standards that Jirra had eaten in Philly; at least the crust wasn't thick.

Dave was suddenly distracted by something on the TV.

"Crap," he mumbled through a slice of pepperoni that he was eating.

"What's wrong?" asked Lindsey.

"You wouldn't understand," he replied. "My team just suffered a big loss, and it's only training camp."

Jirra glanced over at the set and saw that it was on ESPN. A reporter was commenting on the injury of one of the Green Bay Packers in a pre-season scrimmage.

"That's too bad. The Packers were weak in their running game even before losing him," stated Jirra.

A smile came across Dave's face. "What do you know about football?"

"I know that my Eagles can whip your Packers," replied Jirra.

"You know football?" asked a shocked Dave.

Jirra shrugged her shoulders. "Sure. Why wouldn't I?"

"Okay, tell me the starting line-up for 'your Eagles'!" stated Dave with a grin.

Jirra put down the slice of pizza. "I'll start with the offense."

Dave sat back in amazement as Jirra recited the starting offense and defensive line-ups for the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Wow," replied Dave. "I've never known a girl who could do that."

"I've always liked football," replied Jirra. "My dad even took me to a few games." She then thought about Dad and a wave of sadness swept over her.

"You okay?" asked Lindsey.

Jirra nodded. "Sorry. I still can't believe that he's not coming back."
"What do you mean?" asked Dave.

"My dad was in the army and was killed in action," replied Jirra softly.

"Oh, wow! I'm so sorry," replied Dave.

Jirra nodded. It was obvious that Dave's concern was real. "Thanks. I'm okay now."

The rest of the evening passed without incident. They drove back to the spa and Jirra excused herself. "See you tomorrow." She figured that Dave and Lindsey should be alone.

She walked back to her house and found Mum watching TV.
"What's on?"

"Just the news. I was hoping to catch the weather report before going to bed. So how was it?"

Jirra sat down and told her all about it.

"Dave's a nice guy. It would be so much easier if he was a jerk. I'm reluctantly happy for Lindsey."
Liz smiled. "How do you feel physically?"

"Better. The pills worked."

"The first couple of times are always the worst. You'll get used to it."

"Really?" asked Jirra.
"No. I just wanted you to feel better," replied Liz with a grin.

Jirra picked up a throw pillow and tossed it at her.
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Sort of like that with my mother last Thursday when she finally seen my new fingernails and talking about them.<br />
They are now longer then when you seen them becnme.

I think you're spot on Cindylou. It is special, but the way it <i>should</i> be.