Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 40 Pt 3

Chapter 40 Part 3

Once the door was shut we repeated what we’d done in June when they’d brought me here. I faced one wall and changed while they did the same. When we were all done we turned around. I hated the fact that I still had parts that none of us were comfortable seeing. If only they were already gone.

Once we got out of there we were led to some nice leather seats that I remembered well from the last time. Amy’s Mom actually came over to the girls that were working on Amy and I first before going anywhere else. “Okay, this is Tiffany’s dress she’s going to be wearing on Friday, and this is Amy’s,” she said showing them some photographs that she’d taken.

‘We probably should have brought the dresses with us,’ I thought to myself.

“We should be able to match these without any problem,” one of them told her.

“Thanks,” she told her before she went off to get her own ladies section of the salon.

The one that had answered her came over to me. “Hi Tiffany, my name is Lilly, how are you today?”

“Honestly I’ve had better days, but I think this is going to help that,” I told her with a smile.

“Well I’ll certainly do my best to live up to that. What do you want to do with your hair?” she asked me.

“Well… you the haircut that Rachel on Friends has?” I asked her. She nodded. “Can you do something like that?”

“That’s become really popular recently, I can definitely do it. You’ve got just enough hair right now to make it come out right too,” she told me.

“Cool,” I told her.

“Well let’s start working then!” she told me with a smile.

She led me over to another chair where she washed my hair in a sink. As she washed my hair and massaged my scalp I couldn’t help but smile - even with everything that had gone wrong this past week at least this felt really, really good. She wrapped my hair up for a couple of moments in a towel while she led me back over to the really comfy chair.

“So Tiffany, what all do you do besides school?” LIlly asked me as she began working on my hair.

“Well I’m in a band, I play saxophone. I also have been taking some dance and gymnastics classes so far this year.”

“That’s neat, how long have you been doing the dance and gymnastics thing?” she asked as her scissors clipped.

“I just started actually. I’d kind of hoping to improve my chances to make it on to a new dance squad that my school is forming. The tryouts begin next week.”

“Well you’re certainly pretty enough to be on one!” she told me.

I blushed, “Thanks,” I told her.

“No problem, it’s true…” She made small talk with me off and on for a while as she worked on my hair.

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