Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 40 Pt 6

Chapter 40 Part 6

‘That was really sweet of him,’ I thought. “Things are okay I guess… the principals promised to look into things - but our parents are pretty unhappy with them. They’ve basically threatened them with a lawsuit if things aren’t taken care of by next Friday…”

“Whoa,” Kyle said.

“Yeah… it sucks. I wish whoever was doing this stuff would just stop. It’s not like I’ve done anything to them,” I told him.

“Whoever is doing it is just jealous of you I think Tiffany,” he told me.

“What are they jealous of?” I asked him. I really didn’t want to think about this stuff right now, but I did want to talk to him for some reason.

“Let’s see you’ve got some of the coolest friends in the school you’ve one of the nicest girls in the school, and you’re one of the prettiest girls in our grade,” he told me.

“You don’t have to say that Kyle,” I told him.

“It’s true though. Anyway, so everything’s okay?” he asked.

“I guess so… kinda sorta… our parents just didn’t see any reason for us to stick through the school day with everything that happened today. They also wanted to give them some time to figure out who was doing it. I’m just afraid that one of these days someone is going to make good on those threats…” I told him.

“Look if there’s anything I can do about that Tiffany, let me know. I was trying to figure out who was behind this stuff earlier, but none of the guys on the team seem to know anything about it. I’m pretty sure that Jarred and Lucas had a hand in it - but no one is saying anything about them.”

“Yeah… I don’t know Kyle. I just hope it stops soon. I don’t want it to get in the way of me trying out for the dance squad next week.”

“It won’t. We’ll make sure of it Tiff,” he told me. It made smile, I’m not sure why, but just the fact that he cared that much made me smile again.

“Thanks Kyle.”

“No problem Tiffany, anyway I’ll let you go. I just wanted to make sure that everything was going alright for you. Have a safe trip,” he told me.

“Thanks again, goodnight,” I told him.

“Goodnight,” he told me and we both hung up.

What was going on? Was Kyle actually interested in me? Was I interested in him? These questions were swirling about my mind when my Mom asked, “So what boy were you talking to?”

“Kyle,” I told her.

“Is there something going on between you two?” Mom asked me.

“Not that I know of,” I told her honestly.

“Just remember you’re not allowed to date until you’re sixteen,” she told me.

I stuck my tongue out at her and went to finish packing some shoes I had forgotten to put in a bag. Soon I was in bed just trying to fall asleep. Thoughts raced in my head so that I didn’t go to sleep until way past two hours after trying. One minute I would think about everything that had been going wrong at school, the next would be trying to figure out if I liked Kyle or not, the next would be everything I needed? Would we get completely booed out of the theatre? Had they done this just to make their film look better? What else would I see and do while I was there? They still hadn’t told us anything.

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