Fresh Start Chapter 43

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise," remarked Liz as she looked up from her computer.

"You busy?" asked Jirra, as she sat down on a stool.

"No, just reviewing staff medical records. I want to know of any potential problems."

Jirra nodded. She then told Liz about her conversation with Judy.

"It sounds like a wonderful opportunity," observed Liz.

"I know. I would be an idiot to pass it up. I guess it's time to upgrade my wardrobe. Can you help me?"

Liz smiled. "Of course. We can drive down to Santa Fe tomorrow. I have to go in anyway to pick up some things for the clinic."

Jirra nodded. She hadn't expected the shopping trip to be so soon. "One more thing, I also need to learn about make-up."

"I can teach you, Roo," replied Liz.

Jirra sighed. "I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is."

Liz reached over and took Jirra's hands into hers. "You're doing great. I'm really proud of the way you've handled this."

"Even when I start crying?" asked Jirra, as she sniffed.

'Yes, Roo, even when you cry," replied Liz.

Jirra reached up and wiped back a tear.

"How're you feeling?"

"Looks like my period is over. I wasn't bleeding this morning," replied Jirra, as she blew her nose.

"Remind me to show you a good website. It'll allow you to track your period. This will allow you to plan your life around it," explained Liz.

Jirra nodded. "Oh, I'm going to christen the bathing suit this evening. Lindsey and I are going to the baths."

"What time?"


"Good. Can you get dinner going tonight?"

Jirra nodded. "Any preferences?"

"I could go for a steak. The grocery order came in yesterday and there are a couple of nice fillets. We might as well use them; it would be a shame to freeze them."

Jirra nodded. "Corn on the cob?"

Liz nodded.

"Cool, what time do you think you'll be home?"


"Okay, I'll have the grill ready," stated Jirra.
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I think Judys pep talk has done wonders to 'his' attitude.