Fresh Start Chapter 44

After dinner Jirra changed into her bathing suit. Her legs were still smooth and hairless. She wondered if that was a side effect from her transformation. In fact, she had very little hair from the neck down. She had a small patch of pubic hair and had just started shaving her armpits, not that there was a lot of hair there either.

Posing in front of the mirror, she studied herself. "Not bad," she stated out loud. She fished a pair of running shorts out of her dresser and put them on, along with a gray hoodie. She then slipped on her sport sandals. She also grabbed a towel, then headed out the door.

"Not so fast, Roo," stated Liz. "Let me see you before you go."

Jirra stopped and turned around.

"Well, from what I can tell, it looks good," remarked Liz.

"Okay, okay," replied Jirra with a grin. She took off the shorts and sweatshirt.

"Very nice. You look very nice, Roo," complimented Liz.

Jirra nodded and slipped the shorts and sweatshirt back on. "It's a little cool this evening."

Liz cocked her head and grinned.

"Alright, I'm just not ready to walk around in just a bathing suit yet."

Liz walked over and kissed Jirra on the cheek. "I understand."

Lindsey was wearing a turquoise collared bikini, under a robe. "You ready?'

Jirra nodded.

"I like the shorts," quipped Lindsey.

"I think they look good," replied Jirra.

They arrived at the mineral baths. They were empty, and a cloud of steam hung over the surface. There were two baths carved right out of the rock. Over time, they had been enlarged so that six people could sit down comfortably in each of them. The rough rock had also been smoothed down, which allowed for comfortable seating. There was no drain; instead the water just ran over the edge and into the creek bed.

The bathhouse was built around them. It was designed so that one wall could slide open and allow the bathers to look directly outside. During inclement weather, the doors could be shut.

"Doesn't it look inviting?" asked Lindsey as she hung up her robe. "Oh, make sure you take off any jewellery."

Jirra nodded. She hung up her clothes next to Lindsey's. She then dipped her foot in the water. "I thought it would be hotter."

Lindsey began to step into the bath. "It's perfect. Come on in."

Jirra followed and she had to admit that it felt wonderful. "It does smell a bit like sulphur."

"That's normal. You'll get used to it."

It was very relaxing, and Jirra let out a long contented sigh. "You were right; I should have come here sooner."

"Told ya."

They sat back and soaked in silence for nearly fifteen minutes before a few more staff members arrived.

"Well, well, looks like someone else had the same idea," exclaimed Tara, who was wearing a black one-piece suit.

Jirra opened her eyes and smiled. "It feels wonderful."

Cari nodded. "I've been looking forward to this all day." She was also wearing a one piece suit. Hers was purple.

Tara and Cari climbed into the same bath as Lindsey and Jirra.

"How was it today?" asked Lindsey.

"The guests were really nice. The mud baths were a real hit. We may need to add more," replied Cari.

"I agree with you, the guests are nice," stated Tara.

There wasn't much more conversation as they just soaked in the soothing waters.

Jirra was so relaxed that she almost fell asleep. Cari nudged her. "Don't overdo it, Jirra."

Jirra smiled back. "You're right. I'm ready for bed now." She got of the bath and quickly towelled off, as the cool evening air hit her wet body.

Tara giggled and leaned over and kissed Cari on the cheek. "Sounds like a lovely idea."
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Hmm. lots of single woman going there and Tara and Cari.<br />
Maybe Roo will get lucky.