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Why Me

Jesse is nine years old.He lives with his mother and a sister.Maxine is   eleven years old.Their mother,Cindy works hard to provide for everything they need.Her husband, their father,left years ago.Jesse and Maxine are very close.
They got along wonderfully.Maxine is very protective of Jesse.She always wants to baby sit him to save her mom money. Cindy tells her not just yet.Just alittle over nine years old,Jesse starting changing.He was moody and didn't want Maxine hanging around him.She thought she had done something to get him mad at her.She didn't want to say anything to mom and upset her.He started
spending alot of time in his room.Mom saw something was wrong.She asked Maxine about it.At first she told her mom everything was fine.After afew days
mom asked her again.She finally told her.She said,i don't know what is going on .He has been staying in his room alot when you are not here.I'll have a talk with him,mom told Maxine.She headed to Jesse's room.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 2 Responses Jan 4, 2013

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I can only wonder what she will find there.

Now what is Jesse up to, I wonder.