Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 47 Pt 4

Chapter 47 Part 4

As we went to English we stopped by our lockers - still the old ones - and found more articles taped to them. This time there were also some other notes that were ridiculous and I decided to rip them all off and go hand them to Mrs. Henry. Amy tried to stop me, but I’d had enough.

“Is Mrs. Henry in?” I asked the secretary. “She’s in her office let me see…” she started to say but I just walked past her and in through her open door.

I put the notes and articles on her desk, turned around, and left to go to class. I didn’t trust myself to say anything. “Tiffany…” I heard her start from behind me. But I just went to class with Amy and made sure I got there by the time the bell rang.

Ms. Damien saw that I was not far off of losing it as I sat down and asked me to come talk to her in the hallway. “What’s going on Tiffany?” she asked me.

“What’s not going on?” I said louder than I intended to. “Sorry,” I told her.

She smiled at me slightly, “Look I know this is a really bad day you’re having. This is a really crappy way to come back from a weekend. If you need someone, an adult not your parents or one of the principals, to talk to - let me know. Even if you’re in another class have them write a pass and I’ll find some time to talk, okay?” she asked.

“Okay,” I said. I really didn’t want to calm down right now, I wanted to be furious, but she had succeeded in adding some length to my fuse.

“Let’s get back in there then,” she said as she gave me a shoulder hug and led me back inside.

As I sat down I felt a lot of appreciation for her - she had done exactly what I needed and she was the only person that really could have helped. I began to work on the assignment she gave us - writing about an important event in your life - when Mrs. Hinther and Mrs. Henry walked into the door.

“May we see Tiffany for a moment?” Mrs. Hinther asked.

My eyes narrowed and I could see Ms. Damien’s did too, but she couldn’t exactly say no could she? She didn’t trust herself to speak - I could see that - and just nodded at me. I grabbed my backpack and followed them out to the hallway.

I ended up getting led to the office from the class and into Mrs. Hinther’s office. “Okay Tiffany, we need to talk about your rude behavior to Mrs. Henry a few minutes ago.” She started to say.

“Excuse me ma’am, not to be rude - but I’ve been given two instructions for if you wanted to talk to me about anything else this school year. May I either have permission to record this meeting with the tape recorder I have in my bag or would you please call my parents or my attorney.”

“You may have neither,” she said.

“Then ma’am I am going to go ask the secretary to borrow her phone, and once I call out you can plan on Mr Hancock making good on his promise of a lawsuit being filed against both of you,” I said as I started to stand up.

“Young lady don’t dare move out of that chair or I’m writing you up for insubordination,” Mrs. Hinther said angrily.

“I’ve been told not to speak to you alone Ma’am. You can go ahead and write me up,” I said as calmly as I could and stood up to go out into the main office. Both principals were stunned enough by my reaction that I had already dialled on the secretary’s phone before they even managed to get out of her office. My parents were really worried something like this was going to happen today - so they’d told me just to call Mr. Hancock’s office first since he had a secretary that could get them a message.

“Hello, may I speak to Mr. Hancock?” I asked.

“May I ask who’s calling?” his secretary asked.

“Tiffany,” I said.

“Give me just a second sweetie,” she told me. I’d never met her but Amy claimed his secretary was really nice - I guess she was right.

“Tiffany?” I heard from the other line.

“Hi,” I said managing to sound vaguely coherent, “I’m really in trouble and I need your help.” I sniffed, the continued, “What we talked about happening before happened. And, can you call my parents please?”

“Absolutely Tiffany, just give me about ten minutes and I’ll be down there. I’ll see if I can get hold of your Mom too,” he told me.

“Thanks Mr. Hancock, I’m really scared.”

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