Fresh Start Chapter 54

The next couple of days flew by for Jirra and the rest of the staff of the Caldera de Gaia Spa. Friday morning Jirra was finishing up the newsletter. All she was missing was the list of guests for the following week.

As if on cue, Judy walked into Jirra's tiny office and handed her the list.

"Alexis is listed as Alexis Foley of Ventura, California. She uses Foley as an alias, as too many fans know her last name used to be Finster," stated Judy. "Tomorrow at breakfast, I'll announce to everyone else that she'll be here."

"When does she arrive?"

"Sunday morning. Emily is driving her up from Santa Fe."

"Cool. I'm looking forward to this," replied Jirra, as she read the list of the other guests.

"When do you think you'll have a guest from every state?" asked Judy, as she looked at the map.

"I'm hoping within three months," replied Jirra. She was scanning the list as she spoke. "We got five new states with this group."

"Which ones?"

Jirra reached into her desk and pulled out the box of pins. "Hmm, lots of single women. Okay, we have Julie from California, Marlene from Ohio, Jessica from Wisconsin, Maggie from Kansas, and a married couple, Jill and Sam Warren, from Pennsylvania." With each name she placed a pin close to their town.

"Spas often attract single women, especially those who just want to relax and not be hit upon," remarked Judy.

"The world map is still looking mighty bare," noted Jirra.

"Give it time," replied Judy. "We already got a request for information from a woman in New Zealand - oh, and few requests from Canada."

"So what state do you think will be last?" asked Jirra.

"Hmm, I'd say Idaho," replied Judy.

"I'm leaning towards North Dakota."

"Sounds like we should have a bet, what do you think?"

"Well, you're in a position to fix the bet," quipped Jirra.

"Honey, bet or no bet, I would never turn away a guest," replied Judy.

"So what's the wager?"

"The loser takes the winner to dinner?"

"Just as long as it's somewhere cheap," replied Jirra.

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the interplay in this story is award worthy. Becnme hugs hun for bringing us this wonderful tale.