Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 47 Pt 5

Chapter 47 Part 5

I managed to look like I was fairly strong on the outside… but inside I was crying like the frightened little girl that I was. My parents had told me not to speak to her like she wanted under any circumstances, so I knew I was doing the right thing. But, I’d also been taught that principals are in charge and I shouldn’t disobey them.

I hung up the phone and sat down in one of the office chairs in the lobby area, trying to calm myself. “Tiffany you need to come back in here right now,” Mrs. Hinther came out yelling at me.

“Not until my attorney and my Mom get here,” I told her politely and with a smile. She was absolutely furious with me. She made a big show of showing me the write-up she was filling out. With that she said, “You can kiss your chances of being on the dance squad good-bye Tiffany, you’re not allowed to be on it if you’ve had a write-up,” she said.

She continued to issue a barrage of taunts one after another - but I had shut down. I wasn’t saying anything. If I did she might actually have a case; as of right now though she was well past the line of allowable actions. Mrs. Henry had actually stepped into her office and shut the door. I could see the secretaries covering their faces with their hands wishing that she would shut up. I decided that she was really close to losing it, so permission or not, I reached into the front pocket of my backpack that was on my lap, and turned on the recorder. I didn’t know if it would be any good, or if it would be useable in court, but with her threatening me I was scared it might be the only protection I had.

Ten minutes into this she said, “Alright, if you won’t come willingly I’ll move you myself.” She had totally lost control by this point and began to grab the upper part of my arm to pull me up with.

“OW! Let go of me!” I told her.

“Get in here!” she screamed at me.

About that time the cavalry arrived. My Mom and Mr. Hancock arrived at the same time and I could see my Mom was absolutely furious. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER?” she screamed. “UNHAND HER NOW!” she said.

Mrs. Hinther suddenly realized she had really done it now. She let go of me and I began massaging where she had gripped me.

Mr. Hancock looked over at the secretary and asked, “Would you please call the resource officer up here please. We will be filing assault charges against Mrs. Hinther.” The secretary’s eyes grew huge and she looked afraid of Mrs. Hinther.

Mr. Hancock noticed that and added, “Don’t worry - she’s not going to be able to do anything to you after today.” He looked at me. “Tiffany, are you okay?” Mom had me in a bear hug and I was bawling. I had lost all control of my emotions at that point and it was a really good thing Mom didn’t want me wearing makeup - it would have been all over the place.

“No, not really,” I sobbed. “She’s been yelling at me non-stop since I called you. She also refused to let me record the conversation or call you and wrote me up out here telling me that now I can’t make the dance squad.” If either of them actually understood any of this through my sobs I would have been really surprised.

He actually gave me a hug at this point too, and said to my Mom, “Go get here calmed down and her face cleaned up. Then take her to her next class. I’m going to deal with the school district.” He then tilted my head up to where I was looking at him. “Don’t worry about this one Tiffany, I guarantee you that write-up is going to get ripped up here in about twenty minutes. Mrs. Hinther has really screwed up this time.” I gave him a hug and followed Mom as she led me through a repeat of a few weeks earlier.

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