Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 47 Pt 6

Chapter 47 Part 6

Once my face was cleaned up - it was still incredibly red - she walked with me to band class. Mrs. Remar was surprised to see her and asked her what was going on while I got my stuff out. I heard her pretty loudly say, “She did what to her?!?” She was pretty pissed by the time all was said and done. You could tell as she got up on the podium to teach. Mom gave me a quick hug goodbye before she had to go back for her afternoon bus run.

During band I did my best to play well through all of that. We actually had a chair test that day on a scale - thankfully I could do that in my sleep though, because that’s basically the state I was in. As the bell rang, and I put my stuff up, Mrs Remar came by and offered a hug.

“Where are you going now?” she asked me.

“I was going to go use the faculty restroom to change for practice today,” I told her.

“What practice?”

“I’m trying out for the dance squad. Since there aren’t any football games this week they decided that they would do the weeklong workshop this week plus Saturday. Then they’re going to have tryouts next Friday during the school day.”

“Well why don’t I walk you there to change, alright? That way I know you made it safely,” she told me with a smile.

“I’d appreciate that,” I told her. She did as she said she was going to and I was really happy to see Amy waiting for me there at the bathroom. I quickly changed into clothes in the bathroom and then left with Amy to go to the gym. I’d been really concerned about what I was going to do while she was in the locker room - but was pleasantly surprised to see Kyle and David standing in the gym talking.

They were already dressed in their football gear so they had ten minutes before they would need to go to the field. Amy left me with them and telling me she would be quick.

“Tiffany what happened with Mrs. Hinther?” Kyle asked me.

“Umm… she assaulted me after not letting me call my parents or Amy’s dad… why do you ask?”

“Well everyone around school is talking about how they saw a police officer come down and escort her off the campus. She really assaulted you?” he asked incredulously.

“She grabbed me by the top of my arm and tried to yank me up out of a chair. She didn’t actually strike me, but I think that was enough,” I told him, showing him where my arm was still red. I had a feeling it was going to bruise tonight.

“Maybe she’ll be gone for good?” He suggested hopefully.

“Maybe. I can only hope,” I told him. He ended up asking me some more questions about our trip to get me to talk more. By the end I was almost not frowning - I definitely wasn’t smiling still - but he seemed to help me be more at ease with myself. I could feel myself coming off of my adrenaline high and I was starting to shake.

Amy was out of the locker room a few minutes later and we head to the cafeteria where we would be meeting for practice. “Are you ready for this?” Amy asked me.

“I think so… I’m definitely going to have more of a shot now than before camp and my dance classes,” I said while looking at my shaking hand.

“I think you’re going to do fine,” she told me. We walked in the cafeteria for all of the girls to gather for the tryouts. In all there were the fourteen girls on the school’s cheerleading squad and about twenty other girls including myself that were trying out.

Before practice began a couple girls came over to Amy, Ashley, Lindsey and I. They asked, “What’s IT doing here?”

“She’s my friend, and she’s here to try out and beat you,” Amy told them. They were stunned by her strong defence of me and left when they noticed Ashley and Lindsey weren’t budging either. Kristina also came over to me at that point too and began talking.

Coach Holt, as she was now to be called by me most of the time, didn’t spend any time at the beginning talking about stuff, she just moved right into things. She began with a lot of stretching. I was pleased to see that all of my exercises to become limber had paid off. Only about eight other girls were more flexible than I had become by now.

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