Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 47 Pt 7

Chapter 47 Part 7

After we finished stretching she began teaching us a bunch of names for moves that she wanted us to learn. I was really happy to see that they were all the same as the ones that we’d been learning in the dance class. I could already see that there were some girls who didn’t stand a chance of making it. They couldn’t even do the most basic of steps that she taught everyone.

After the first hour of practice she told everyone to go get a drink of water and use the restroom if they needed to. I did need to, but decided just to wait since I didn’t want to go all the way down the hall to the faculty restroom by myself. Amy and I just got a drink and came back into the cafeteria.

For the next hour after that break she taught us a dance in slow motion that we were going to have to do for our tryout. After working on it in slow motion count for fifty minutes or so she said, “Alright, just for kicks let’s see if anyone can do it with the music.”

We were all lined up in three lines across the floor and started in the first pose. As I heard the opening beats to start the song I concentrated with all of my might to remember everything. I kept counting in my head, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-, over and over again so that I could keep with the music. At the end of the routine I found myself on the ground with my legs in splits and my head down in the final pose.

“Nice job ladies,” Coach Holt said and I allowed myself the luxury of looking to see who else had made it.

Only four others… all of them my friend I noted. Kristina, Amy, Ashley, and Lindsey Most of the rest of the girls looked shocked and stunned by two things; one, how bad they had done, and two how well I had done.

“Okay gather around ladies!” Coach said to us. We all sat down on the ground around her panting as we had just worked our tails off. “So, now you all have an idea of what we’re going for with this group. You’re going to have to do that routine and another one that you come up with for the tryouts. If you don’t have a routine of your own already, there are some on top of the table behind me, along with practice tapes. If you take one please get me a dollar so I can replace the tape. I’m also going to want you to do a couple basic cheers that we’ll teach you tomorrow. This group is going to mainly be about dancing - especially once the football season is over - but I do plan on any girl that makes it cheering with the cheer squad for the rest of the season. After that then it’ll just be this group that practices each day.”

“My goal is for us to go compete at a state-level completion in January, and to compete in a national completion in February, after we win at the state level!” She began handing out some packets of information ten, “the cost for being in this squad is going to be two-thousand dollars this year. That’ll cover your uniforms and outfits plus travel expenses. We’re also going to spend four days down in Las Cruces at the university there during Christmas Vacation to get worked up towards the competitions.”

“If the costs are a problem, please do speak to me after practice - we will try and do some fundraising to help out. I don’t want anyone not on the squad just because of money issues. I do want to talk about something else though before I dismiss you.”

“Would all of these girls please stand up? Amy, Ashley, Tiffany, Lindsey, Kristina.” She paused for a second while we stood up. “All five of these ladies made it through the routine at full speed their first time of trying. I want you all to notice that Tiffany is in this group. Realistically Tiffany was almost perfect when she did it ladies, and if she does that well next Friday she’s going to make the squad.”

Why was she saying this? Wasn’t this probably going to cause her problems?

“I’m saying this because I hope that she makes it with as hard of a worker as I know she is - and if any of you have a problem with being on the same squad as her - don’t bother showing up tomorrow. If you’re going to be one of those girls I don’t want you here. “We’re going to do well at our competitions, but only if we act as a team. Begin now. If I see anyone act out towards anyone else - not just Tiffany - you can plan on not being on the team. Am I clear?”

There was a chorus of “yes ma’am” before she dismissed us. I was pretty embarrassed at this point. I was also kind of scared that she may have just made things worse and kind of shrunk away towards my bag before I heard, “Tiffany would you please come here a moment?”

“First of all really nice job today! I can see why Coach Clemens thinks I should be taking you on the squad. Keep up the good work.”

“Thanks Coach,” I told her.

“Next, I know you may think that I was out of line there at the end, but I had to say it. The locker room talk was particularly vicious about you earlier and I wanted it stopped. You helped out a lot with that by knocking the socks off of almost everyone else today. Make sure you keep it up though - I have a feeling a lot of other girls are going to come back more prepared tomorrow.”

“Okay. Thanks Coach,” I said as I grabbed my stuff, a tape of the routine music, and headed outside where my Mom was waiting. It was nice to see the protestors were gone.

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