Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 48 Pt 1

CHAPTER 48: Part 1

“How did practice go?” she asked me hoping that things had at least gone a little better since she’d left.

“It went well. I’m one of the better girls in there - well at least for today. We’ll see if that lasts or not,” I told her. “What happened with Mrs. Hinther though?” I asked her the question that was really on my mind.

“Well we filled charges on her for assaulting you, Mr. Hancock got that write-up against you torn up, and he went ahead and filed a lawsuit against her and the district for what’s been allowed to go on the past couple of weeks,” she said. “He did tell the district that he would be inclined to drop the suit against them if she was removed as principal.” She paused, “Since she was escorted off of campus today I have a feeling they’re going to cut her loose.”

“Really?” I asked. I had begun to think of her as ninety percent of the reason things had gotten so out of hand this past week.

“That’s what they came over the bus yard’s radio system and said earlier while I was driving. She’s not allowed on school property without an escort until further notice. You can’t tell anyone that though okay? They’ll find out from other people - but we can’t give her any reason to be able file a countersuit against us,” she told me.

“I won’t. But at least maybe I’ll be done with dealing with her!” I said excitedly.


“So what are we doing now?” I could see it was about six.

“Well I need to get you home for you to shower and get dressed back nicely. Once you do that Mr. Sanders is going to have a crew interview you here about everything that is going on.”

I suddenly got really nervous. “Will they just make me out to be a freak?” I asked her. The way the rest of the media had made me out to be, I was scared.

“No sweetie, he’s not going to let that happen. He’s also going to run a copy of the interview off, just like it’s going to air, and bring that by here before they put it on tonight.”

“Okay,” I said - still incredibly nervous. We drove home and I took a quick shower before changing into the skirt and blouse that I had bought at Bloomingdales. Mom apparently had gone over to Amy’s house that morning after her run and picked up all of the stuff that we’d been forced to just leave there. Knowing that I had this today she had made sure they were both ready to wear.

I spent as much time as I thought I could get away with doing my hair and adding a little bit of makeup. I know Mom wouldn’t want much… but a little bit would keep me from looking like a pale ghost on camera. I had learned that this past weekend. When I stepped out of the bathroom Mom said I looked great. She had also taken some time to make herself look nice, and so had Dad, who had gotten home while I’d been in the shower. Mr. Sanders and the crew from his station arrived about ten minutes later.

The crew began setting up in our living room. I recognized the cameraman from when we worked on our project at the station. He was pretty friendly and said ‘Hi’ to me as he worked to setup several microphones into the camera. In the meantime Mr. Sanders introduced me to the lady that was going to do the interview. Her name was Tina, and she didn’t look like she was all that old. The two of us talked for a little while, making small talk as she tried to make me feel comfortable around her.

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