Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 48 Pt 2

Chapter 48 Part 2

While she was talking to me I could feel my stomach grumble. I was starving. I didn’t really eat lunch, and after practice I’d been immediately thrown into this.

Mr. Sanders and Mom both talked off to the side about something before she ran off to go grab something down the hallway.

I didn’t see her return though because the cameraman had a microphone he wanted me to attach to my blouse. Before I knew it both of my parents had sat down next to me and Tina began to ask me a lot of small questions. Things like how I liked school and what I liked to do outside of school. She didn’t even mention the reason she was there for the interview yet, she just kept it nice and friendly.

To answer her I explained that I really like English, Science, Band, and Choir. I told her the last two classes were my favourites. I also told her that I was hoping to make the new dance squad at school. She asked some follow-up questions to those like what instrument I played and what part I sang. I think she was a little surprised when I answered ‘soprano’ for choir, but she didn’t comment on it. Eventually we talked about some of the problems that I’d been having in school during the last year, and she used that as her link into her real questions.

“Tiffany, when did you first come to the conclusion that you were not a boy?”

That was a loaded question. I didn’t really want to tell her about Liza’s comment that started the chain reaction… I was suddenly really glad I hadn’t eaten anything - my stomach was now doing summersaults.

“Well I guess it was about a year ago that I really realized something was wrong. Honestly it’s built up from when I was little, but something happened at school one day that started me thinking about it. I’d always fit in better with the girls - the things they did were more like what I did. That’s a lot of why I think I was picked on so much as Brandon. It was like a light switch for me one day - I realized I must be a girl… I just had the wrong body. From there I didn’t know what to do. I imagined if I had longer hair I might be able to look more like what I am. Several months later when it was longer people stated to think I was a girl dressed as a tomboy. My best friend eventually figured things out, followed by both sets of our parents, and before I knew it they were being supportive in helping me be who I am.”

“How did the kids at school react when you came as Tiffany?” she asked me next.

I was still pretty calm to this point as I answered her, “Well the first day most of them didn’t even know who I’d been. Until one student decided to tell everyone in my second to last class, I was just the new girl everyone was trying to meet. After that things got bad with a small number of the students. Two of them tried to assault me the next day, and others began leaving threatening notes here and there, making rude comments, stuff like that. But for the most part, everyone either stayed my friend or just didn’t talk to me.”

“This has changed unfortunately hasn’t it?” Tina asked.

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