Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 48 Pt 3

Chapter 48 Part 3

I nodded, pushing back the tears. “Last week, before we left on the trip, I started to see more and more threatening notes everywhere I turned. I told the principals who I thought it was, but they never did anything about it. Finally, the day before we left on the trip, my friend and I had graffiti all over our lockers. It was really bad,” I said with a sniffle.

“I had a really good time when we left on our trip Thursday - things were great on the trip. Yesterday, when we got back home though, everything began crashing in. First, we had all of the news media trucks in front of my house. Why? Just because I was different? Because I was a great story to make the community angry with? Thankfully Mom and Dad got me away from here before anything could happen last night. But seeing the letters from the newspaper and bits of the news stories on the TV stations was awful. These people didn’t even know me! They’re just assuming that I’m a bad person. And the things they’ve said about my parents?!”

I actually was almost at full blown tears at the moment. I could see a lot of compassion in Tina’s face. Just about when I didn’t think I could go on anymore I felt my Mom grab my right hand and hold it. It gave me just enough strength to say the worst of it. “And the worst part…” I paused to breathe before I started sobbing, “the worst part was when girls that I considered to be friends decided to turn their backs on me. Just because some adult told them that I was a freak or something worse, they shouldn’t be friends with me. I can take a lot, I always have, but losing good friends… I can’t take much more of that. Especially - without good reason. And, this isn’t one.”

“Look, I don’t expect everyone to go out of their way to be friends with me. I understand people fear what they don’t know, and I’m something they don’t understand at all. I just want people to let me be who I am and to let me become the best girl I can be. Whether that is in school, in band, or even on the dance team, I just want people to give me a chance,” I said while wiping away tears that were coming down my face.

“Tiffany thank you so much for letting me talk to you today. I feel privileged to have been able to do so. I hope this story helps you out.” At this point the camera turned to face her again and she did an exit tag with her name and the station. The cameraman turned the light off of the top of his camera and began to break everything down.

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