Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 48 Pt 4

Chapter 48 Part 4

Mr. Sanders had already talked to us about their announcements about the story. It was going to be a special segment at 10, and they were going to run the full thing again on the morning newscast and the noon news. With as much of a story this had become, even state-wide now, it was probably going to be a big ratings boost for them. I was okay with that - at least they were trying to help me out.

While I’d made a conscious decision to not look at the newspaper, a decision ruined by all of the kids pasting them everywhere, I knew almost everyone in the area had their opinion about me. I hoped maybe this would help people change it - or at least make a more informed decision. Mom gave me a hug and touched my nose gently to try and get my attention. I wrinkled it in response but came back to the real world. The crew was just leaving and Mr. Sanders was talking to us.

“I’ll have a copy for you guy to look at here in about two hours,” Mr. Sanders said as he left.

“Thanks for you help,” my Mom said.

“Anytime. “we’re also going to run information about Mrs. Hinther’s attack on Tiffany today as well. That’ll be the second part of the story.”

“Could that land us in trouble in the form of a lawsuit?” she asked.

“No. We found out all of the information about that from another sources. We’re going to even protect you by saying that you wouldn’t confirm or deny that while the investigation was pending.”

“Good,” my Dad said. He had run to the restroom really quickly while they had been packing up the equipment.

“Anyway I need to be going. I’ll come back by around nine-fifteen, okay?” He asked.

“Sounds good,” Mom said.

“Bye Mr. Sanders,” I said as he left.

“Oh crap!” I exclaimed after he left.

“What Tiffany?” my Dad asked.

“Mom did you let them know I wasn’t coming to gymnastics tonight?”

“Yes sweetie. Tara said she understood and would see you next week. She also told me to tell you ‘good luck,’ with everything.” That made me feel good. At least one person wasn’t freaking out. I had never told Tara about me - but she had to have found out from the news this weekend.

“Good. Can we get some food now?” I asked.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“….Burger King?” I replied.

“Joe do you mind running there?” my Mom asked Dad.

“Do you have some cash?” he asked .

“Yeah in my purse, let me get it,” she said.

He left for a bit and I started unpacking all of the things from the trip. Mom had left my one new stuffed tiger at Amy’s house by accident - she didn’t know I had slept with it in Amy’s room last night - but everything else found a home in my room somewhere. I put my new jeans in the washer and made sure that the dress I had worn today was machine washable before putting it in the washer too. I didn’t see any reason why they couldn’t be washed together.

I then came out of there and went back to my room to do the little homework I had. Most of my teachers had waved off the makeup work that I hadn’t done on account of everything else going on. I had finished the homework by the time Dad came home with the food.

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