Fresh Start Chapter 55

The following morning, Judy addressed the assembled staff of Caldera de Gaia.

"First, I want to thank you all for the hard work that you've done this opening week," she announced.

This was met by a round of applause and cheering.

"Tomorrow, we get our first celebrity guest. While all our guests are important, it goes without saying what this could mean to all of us."

She let this sink in before continuing.

"For us to become a world class spa, we need to respect the privacy of all guests, especially those who are celebrities. I want to make it very clear that you all have a clause in your contracts that states that you can be immediately dismissed for violating the privacy of any guest. I have a zero tolerance attitude about this."

While everyone was on edge wondering who the guest was, they also understood Judy's warning.

"Beginning tomorrow, Alexis Eden will be staying with us for two weeks. She will be staying in cottage number one. I'm telling you all this because I want to show you that I trust you."

There was a lot of head nodding.

"I didn't start this resort just to cater to celebrities, but I'm not foolish enough to chase them away either!"

There was a round of laughter.

"Jirra Reid will be her liaison while she is here," announced Judy. "I've already talked to Ms. Eden's agent, who has assured me that Ms. Eden will sign autographs prior to her departure. I must ask you to honour her privacy. Alexis is coming here to relax like any other guest. While she will be using her own first name, I request that you don't call her by her last name or play up her being here to other guests. If you have any non-work related questions for Alexis, please submit them through Jirra."

After the meeting, Lindsey turned to Jirra. "When did you know she was coming?"

"Last week, but Judy made me promise not to tell anyone," replied Jirra.

"I love her; she's such a good actress," remarked Lindsey.

Jirra nodded in concurrence. She was also locked in another mental conflict as she had a minor crush on Alexis. Jirra knew she had to be professional and that Alexis would see her as a girl, however it would be difficult to be so close to her. She doubted that a woman like Alexis would fall for a teenage boy, let alone a teenage girl. It was all a pipe dream. At least Lindsey knew Jirra's past, and this allowed them to at least talk; there was no way she could tell Alexis what had happened.

This raised another set of questions in Jirra's mind. Should she meet a woman she really liked, how would she tell her? Jirra had never been very good at detecting someone's sexual preference, and she had been one of the last people at school to know that one of her teachers was gay. Jirra began to wonder how lesbians make contact, and she decided to talk to Tara and Cari when she had the chance.
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A very interesting part

lol I read 56 before reading this, now Im getting a whole different side of this :)

Yeah I goofed posting the stories :)