Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 48 Pt 6

Chapter 48 Part 6

We ended up watching TV for another hour or so until Mom sent me to go get my pyjamas on. My parents were going to let me stay up and watch the interview on the news - but I had to be ready to go to bed. Around nine-thirty Mr. Sanders stopped by to show us the clip.

It was really strange to see this girl - who was me - sitting there and talking on camera. I wasn’t used to looking at myself like that and found myself being a little self-conscious afterwards. The interview came off well though I think - and we gave them the go ahead to air it that night. Shortly after Mr. Sanders left I heard the phone ring.

“Tiffany it’s for you,” Mom said.

“Hello?” I said into the phone a moment later.

“Hey Tiffany, this is Ashley.”

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked her.

“Not much. I just wanted to tell you I think you did a really good job in the interview. Dad just showed it to me and I think it should help out a lot.”

“I just hope it doesn’t make things worse. If it makes thing better then that would be a step-up from where things stand now.”

“I think it will Tiffany. Anyway Mom is pushing me to go to bed - so I’ll talk to you tomorrow okay?”

“Okay, thanks for calling Ashley.”

We hung up and I felt a little bit better about myself. Between Karen stopping by, Ashley calling, and my own thoughts on the interview I was hoping tomorrow might very well improve. It seemed like I had hardly put the phone down than I heard our doorbell ring again.

I stayed in the kitchen where I was talking while Mom went to go check it again. Thankfully I heard a voice that made me feel even better. I didn’t even bother waiting for them to okay this one. “Amy what are you doing here?” I went out to the living room. Her Mom was also with her.

“Well I talked my parents into letting me come over here and spend the night,” she told me.

“Yay!” I said.

“You’re okay with it right Mommy?” I asked her.

“Melanie wouldn’t have brought her over if not,” she told me. “You’ll still take them to school in the morning right?”

“Yeah, I’ll be by at seven-forty girls. Be ready to go okay?” she told us.

“Okay!” we said as she left. Amy and I went to my room and pulled the trundle bed out from underneath my bed.

As we finished getting the bed ready for her I said, “Thanks for coming over Amy. I really appreciate it.”

“I was worried about you, with everything that happened today so I thought the least I could do was see if I could spend the night here.” She paused for a second, “I know last night and today were really hard.”

I gave her a hug. She put on her own pyjamas and then we went out to the living room to wait for the news to start. While we were waiting Amy and I talked about the practice and how things had gone that day. “Tiffany you did really well today. I could see you out the corner of my eye and you were right on with everything!” She told me.

“Thanks Amy. I don’t doubt at all that you’ll make it. I’m just hoping that I will too.”

“Coach Holt all but told everybody today that you would!”

“Yeah… but with my parents filing the lawsuit against the district I’m afraid that somewhere someone is going to get even.”

“I don’t think it’ll happen soon though - not with this. You’re going to do too well on the tryout,” she told me.

“Sat we have like ten minutes - have you gone through the routine since you got home?” I asked.

She shook her head, “I had too much homework to do - and I was trying to unpack.”

“You want to run through it real quick? I have a tape player in my room to play it through.”

“Sure,” she said as we stood up to go into my room. With the trundle bed pulled out there wasn’t a lot of room to dance in there - but we somehow made do. Mom must have been watching through most of it as we ran through because she clapped for us when we were done.

“Great you two. I think you’re both going to do fine next week.”

“I hope so,” I said.

“Come on out to the living room, the news is about to start.”

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