Fresh Start Chapter 58

After eating, Jirra and Alexis walked over to the main building to check out the activity schedule. There, Jirra showed her the maps of the hiking trails.

"You need to be careful in the morning and early evening when you're hiking. We do have rattlesnakes here."

"I'd love to see them," replied Alexis. Seeing the concern in Jirra's face, Alexis smiled. "Don't worry; I won't go Crocodile Hunter on you. I just want to see some."

"Thanks. The last thing I need on my resume is that you got bit by a poisonous snake."

Alexis laughed. "Don't worry, I'll be careful. Where is the pool?"

"I'll show you where we keep the bikes first. It's on the way to the swimming pool."

"That sounds great. Also where is the workout room?"

"It's along the way. We don't have much in there yet. Some of the equipment is on back order," apologised Jirra.

"That's fine. I also do yoga. Do you want to join me at the pool?"

Jirra nodded and pointed out each facility as they walked over to the shed where Dave was working. Much to Jirra's annoyance, Randy was also there.

Jirra tried to act nonchalant and gently ignored Randy's not so subtle come-ons.

Dave either didn't know who Alexis was, or didn't care. He treated her with the usual courtesy that he showed all the guests.

As they talked, Jirra's cell phone rang. It was Judy. Jirra talked for a few seconds and hung up.

"I gotta run up to the front office. I'll be back in couple of minutes," stated Jirra.

"Anything wrong?" asked Dave.

"No. I just have to make a quick change in the newsletter. Be back in few minutes."

Dave showed Alexis one of the bikes. She got on it and rode it around the area outside the shed.

"Can I reserve this one for the time I'm here?" she asked.

Dave nodded. "Sure. Are you staying in the lodge or in a cottage?"


"Just fill out this form, and I'll deliver it to your cottage. There's a bike rack in front of the cottage. Don't worry about a lock; who'd steal it up here?"

Alexis sat down at Dave's desk and filled out the form. As she did, she overheard a conversation between Dave and Randy.

"I don't get it, dude. I mean, why doesn't Jirra like me?" asked Randy.

"I have no idea. Maybe you're not her type," replied Dave.

"Yeah, right," replied Randy sarcastically. "Look at me, dude. What's not to like?"

Dave didn't answer.

Alexis listed a few things about Randy in her mind as she filled out the form.

"I mean, she could be a dyke," stated Randy. "If she is, I'm just the guy to convert her."

"Chill, Randy, and watch your mouth; the owner here doesn't like that sort of talk, and neither do I. Now, I need you to overhaul number twelve; the front rim is misaligned," ordered Dave.

Alexis smiled to herself at the way that Dave handled the younger boy. At least he had a brain, she thought.

Alexis was trying on a helmet when Jirra returned.

"Do you have your own bike, Jirra?" asked Alexis.

"No, not yet. I'm using a loaner."

"I'm going to help Jirra and Lindsey buy their bikes in the fall. The prices will drop dramatically," interjected Dave. "Do you want me to drop this off at your cottage, Alexis?"

"That would be nice, thank you, Dave."

Jirra led Alexis to her cottage. The guest cottages were located near the staff housing. In fact, the roof of Jirra's house could be seen from Alexis's patio.

"This is perfect," stated Alexis, as she looked out towards the hills. "It's so beautiful here."

"I know. So, you still want to grab a swim?" asked Jirra.

"Yes. Why don't you come back in two hours? I want to unpack and check my messages."

Jirra nodded and looked at her watch. "See you in two hours."
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