Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 48 Pt 7

Chapter 48 Part 7

I don’t remember ever being that excited to watch news before… Actually it wasn’t excitement so much as anxiousness. When we’d watched our interview in May about our project that had been exciting - this was nerve racking. We watched through the opening intro, five minutes of local news, three minutes of national news, and then they got to the ‘special report.’

The anchorwoman began, “Ladies and Gentlemen last Friday a letter to the editor appeared in the newspaper here in town. This letter was written with one purpose, and one purpose only, to create am incendiary and hateful movement against a local girl. The letter’s sole argument for doing so was that she was not born biologically as a girl and is transgender.”

“Several local news stations began investigating and aired reports on this young lady. One station in particular, irresponsibly chose to violate her privacy and air her name and an old photo. From there several stations then chose to camp out at her house and attempt to create a public fervor just to increase their nightly ratings. I am ashamed to say that our station did air a report that night - though we chose to hold off on the young lady’s name. Given everything that has happened to this young lady on account of the local stations irresponsibility, we would first like to formally apologize for airing a report in the first place.”

“This young lady, Tiffany, was gracious enough to sit down with a reporter from our station this evening for an interview in the hope that perhaps it will help create more tolerance and understanding about her issues. So, here is our exclusive interview with Tiffany Jacobson.”

The news cut in to the interview at this point and repeated the clip I had seen earlier. I appreciated their introduction - the apology was a welcome start even if I had known it was coming. Amy and I sat together on the couch watching it all pass by before the anchorwoman came back on the screen. At a couple of points the video was cut away from me talking, to some images of the trophies I had won this summer and the plaque from the film festival. At some point Mom must have sat them down on the top of the TV in the living room, and the cameraman had recorded some video of them. That’s not where they normally were. ‘That must have been what Mom and Mr. Sanders were talking about,’ I thought to myself eventually.

“Again our apologies to Tiffany. We hope that the community will take a closer look at how they treat her in the future.”

The anchorman took over then, “Yes Karina, by the way, I’m sure you saw the plaque and the trophies in the interview. Tiffany and three of her friends were just presented plaques for being ‘Outstanding Young Filmmakers’ at a prestigious film festival in New York last week. They made the film in our very own studios with Tiffany directing it. Their film was the warm up for the main event on Friday night.”

“Her parents must be very proud of her Mike. All of us that have met her recognize what an outstanding young lady she is. We wish her well in the future and hope that people will treat her with the respect she deserves.”

The anchorman continued, “In other news we have learned tonight that a principal at a local middle school was arrested and escorted off of campus for allegedly assaulting a student. The principal, Mrs. Carol Hinther, allegedly refused to let a student to speak to her parents or her attorney. When the young lady sat down in the office to wait for someone to arrive to for her, Mrs. Hinther allegedly tried manhandling the girl.”

“The school district had no comment on the matter, but did confirm that Mrs. Hinther is on paid administration leave pending an investigation into the matter. We have also learned that assault charges were filed on the principal by the parents of the girl involved. This station is choosing not to release that students name as she is a minor.”

“Continuing on this evening we had a bizarre….”

“Maybe things might actually work out,” I said to no one in particular in the living room after that.

Mom sent us to bed at that point telling us, “You do have school tomorrow girls, please don’t stay up all night talking.”

“We won’t,” Amy told her.

In fact we didn’t. We spent maybe five minutes talking about how it should hopefully help out a lot without Mrs. Hinther being there. After that we both crashed. From today alone I would have been tired enough to sleep easily… but combined with the trip and last night’s nightmares, I was out like a light when my head hit the pillow.

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