Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 49 Pt 1

CHAPTER 49: Part 1

The next morning Amy and I got up and got ready to go to school as we were supposed to. I found myself feeling drained still - even after sleep - and hoped that this day would go better. As we pulled up to the school I saw that there were some protestors again today, but there were far fewer of them. Where it had been twenty-six or more yesterday today there were maybe ten. The ten that were out there no longer held signs directly aimed at me - today they were just about how it was a sin and that it shouldn’t be allowed in the school. It still sucked though.

Once again as we got out of the car I waved at them, ‘kill them with kindness maybe?’ I thought. The rest of the morning was more subdued than the previous day. I received several notes still, but they were not as numerous as the day before. A lot more kids had seen the news last night than I expected. I guess it had also re-aired this morning too though, so I would say seventy percent of the kids had actually seen it. Everyone quietly talked about it though.

Lunch was the first interesting experience of the day. I was sitting down with the same people as yesterday and saw Brittany, Jennifer, and Amber all walk over towards my table. “Tiffany, can we talk to you for a second?” Jennifer asked timidly.

“Sure,” I told her.

“Look…umm… Look we wanted to apologize for yesterday. We know who you are, we’ve known about you for longer than anyone else, but for some reason when the news started declaring you a freak we started believing it ourselves. We were stupid…” Amber started.

“And we’d like to apologize to you for it,” Brittany finished for her.

“I’m so sorry Tiff,” Jennifer said.

“Me too… Once I saw you on TV last night I realized how terrible we were - and there really wasn’t a good reason for it. If you can forgive us we promise we’ll never turn our backs on you like that again,” Amber said.

“Friends?” Amber said holding out her hand to me.

I had a moment to think. I could easily stay mad at them - they’d been witches to take and stab me in the back like that. I also could be falling into a trap - what if they were planning something really nasty now? But I wouldn’t get far in life always distrusting people  though so I grabbed her and said, “Friends.”

Each of them gave me a hug and apologized again before sitting down at the end of the table. “Umm… so how was your trip?” Jennifer asked.

The conversation lightened up from there and we had a good time telling them all about the trip. No one could believe all of those things had happened. I couldn’t really blame them though since I didn’t believe it had all happened either.

“So Tiffany that producer really offered you help if you want to do another movie?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, it sounded like he was willing to even help us find funding and equipment and stuff,” I told her.

“Wow… so are you going to do it?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Not right now - especially not with the dance tryouts. This spring? I could see us coming up with something for then,” I told her.

“Speaking of dance tryouts I couldn’t believe you yesterday Tiffany! You were like perfect on that routine and you’d only learned it as long as we had. How did you do that so quickly?” Brittany asked.

I shrugged. “Going to the camp really helped. We only had a couple days to learn a routine that was a lot harder than that one. Also the dance class has been helping too I think.”

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