Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 49 Pt 2

Chapter 49 Part 2

The day continued to get better after that thankfully. All the way through to seventh hour things actually seemed to get back to normal a little bit. Honestly I was surprised that things were calming down that fast. I was rather worried that things were going to go south really quickly at some point. It didn’t happen during the day though, and the dance team tryouts went smoothly as well.

Coach Holt had continued to work on the dance routine. She also began teaching us some basic cheers and such for the girls that weren’t on the cheer squad. Between the camp and Amy showing me what they had been doing though, I already knew all of what she was teaching. I saw several of the girls that were trying out give me some frustrated glances - they didn’t know how I could have been a boy a year ago and be doing better than them at this stuff.

I was also laughing very hard at Danica, one of the girls that was on the squad and had come up to make fun of me yesterday, as she kept screwing up time after time on the basics. As practice came to a close Kristina came over to me with Ashley.

“Hey Tiffany we were wanting to try something new with a lift… and thought we could try it with you?” they asked.

“Why me?” I asked Kristina.

“I want to show some of the other girls that you know what you’re doing,” she replied to me quietly.

“Okay!” I said.

They ended up doing a simple lift and having me jump and spin as I came down. Some of the other girls looked at me and just said, ‘wow.’ After that day I didn’t feel like there would be a really good reason for me not to make the squad.

We had rescheduled my sax lesson that day for later on in the week - it would have been right at the end of practice and it didn’t make a lot of sense to do it then. And, unfortunately I wasn’t going to be able to go to Tae Kwon Do tonight since we needed to go to the school board meeting.

So I had the joy of being hot and sweaty at five-thirty, showering quickly and eating, before going to the school board meeting at seven. Mom did her best to try and keep me in a good mood - she knew I would need to be pleasant if anything came up. Ultimately she failed, but Amy coming over just before we left helped out significantly.

I’d been to one board meeting before- that was to present our video before leaving quickly. I didn’t know what was going to happen at all tonight. We pulled up to the administration building where the meetings were held shortly after six-thirty. I had put my skirt and blouse back on after Mom had some ironing while I was in the shower, so I looked nothing like a boy. That was my best defence in all of this.

Amy and I sat next to each other, sandwiched on either side by our parents, and waited for the meeting to start. Shortly after we arrived I saw Ms. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Manning, the two sponsors from our trip to Florida, come in. “Hey Miss Fitz!” I said giving her a hug before doing the same with Mrs. Manning. Amy did the same thing as well before taking our seats again. I didn’t have the heart to ask if they were there for me or not.

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