Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 49 Pt 3

Chapter 49 Part 3

Soon after that I saw Danica and a couple of other girls that weren’t going to make the dance squad - but were on the cheer team now - with parents in tow that didn’t look happy. If looks could kill I would have been dead several times over in their cases. As they took seats on the other side of the room, Ashley and her parents came in, followed closely by Nikki and her mother, Kyle and his Dad, David and his parents, Kristina and her parents, Coach Holt, and most of my teachers.

I just about cried at that point - it was apparent they were all here for me. You could feel the tension in the room though. It made me feel good to know that for everyone of the jerks on the other side I had two friends and parents to go against them. That wasn’t even including the teachers that had come.

I felt Amy hold my shoulder as I saw Mrs. Hinther enter the room. I hissed softly, “Amy what’s she doing here? I thought she wasn’t allowed on school property?”

Mr. Hancock had heard me somehow. “This isn’t the school, and technically she’s been escorted in by a school official. There will probably be a closed session after the open meeting to discuss what to do with her - so she’s here.”

That didn’t make me feel any better. Seeing Jarred and Lucas coming in with their parents only made me angrier.

The school board president called the meeting to order and had a local minister say the invocation. Following that a cute little second grade girl came in and led the group in the United States and New Mexico pledges. Everyone gave her a smile and a little bit of applause before she left with her parents. I didn’t blame them. I sure didn’t want to be here! Plus I doubted they wanted their daughter to see what was going to happen as this meeting.

The board meeting started with an approval of the minutes from the previous meeting, a presidents report, a couple other reports, and finally led to an open forum. Both sides had people signed up on the sheet to talk, beginning with Danica’s equally vile parents. Her mother was the first to speak. “I wanted to come to talk tonight about the district allowing a boy to first of all dress as a girl, and second allow him to participate on a girls sports team. Tiffany…” She started to say before the president interrupted.

“Ma’am you may speak about issues you care about, but you may not bring up students by name in any case. This is for maintaining an orderly meeting, the students right to privacy, and also for you own protection against a slander suit. Please continue without names,” he said coolly.

“The boy that is attempting to join the team is a sinful disgrace…” the tirade continued on until her time ran out. During which she had brought up that boy on the girls team would screw up their ability to compete evenly.

“Coach Holt, I do have a question on that issue - though it doesn’t affect the situation she referring to. Would a boy being on the squad cause an issue at competitions?” The board president asked.

She stood up. “No Mr. President, if a cheer squad has only one boy on the squad they are still considered to be a girl’s squad.”

“Thank you for clearing that up Coach,” he told her with a smile.

“Next up to speak is…” Danica’s father got up and added a tirade on top of her mother’s. I was so angry as it all went on - how dare they! After they finished it was time for the other girls parents. I was getting really tired of this.

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