Standing Up To Life Book 2 Ch 50 Pt 2

Chapter 50 Part 2
The banter went back and forth for the better part of an hour - I was starving as went into my lunch hour. I don’t even know why they brought me into the room. What was the point anyway? Arguing about a settlement amount? What was it going to change?

Finally about one o’clock they finally decided to settle for Fifteen- Thousand. I still didn’t know what the point was. I was glad to see more money coming our way, but this wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. As we walked out I asked Mr. Hancock, “does this mean Mrs. Hinther will be back here?”

“No… he couldn’t tell us that but I’m fairly certain she’s gone. The press is having a field day about it - I don’t think you saw the newspaper today but they are having fun with it. Today was all about covering the district’s liability. They needed to get this taken care of asap.”

“Why? Like he said I couldn’t see the court awarding us that much money for a principal grabbing my arm.”

“But like I told them Tiffany, it was more than just that. They should have done something about Mrs. Hinther after the initial meeting went so badly with her. That she was allowed to continue to abuse you and permit others to; that was the issue. The school district was in error - and we could have made the higher amount stick far easier than they liked. Between that and the bad press this made it easier to get rid of the incident.”

“I guess,” I said. I wasn’t real happy with the whole situation. Don’t get me wrong, the money would be nice to put into something… but it wasn’t going to change a thing.

“Look Tiffany, it’s done now - and that’s something to be happy about. For now why don’t we go get you something to eat since you missed lunch,” Mom told me.

Mom put her arm around my shoulder and led me outside to the car. We said goodbye to Mr. Hancock - I made sure I said thank you - and then she drove me to our preferred Chinese restaurant. We just had the buffet, something that usually was good… but I wasn’t really pleased with everything that had gone on. I don’t know. Something about the lawsuit to fix things just bugged me. In the end it wasn’t fixing anything.

I did manage to enjoy the food though and Mom drove me back to school, getting back in time for sixth period English. Amy had no idea why I’d been pulled out earlier si I filled her in with a few details - telling her we really couldn’t talk about it with anyone else. When some of the other students asked I just said, ’it had something to do with Monday.’

Thankfully class seemed to go well for me that hour and band went well also. Mrs. Remar had begun talking about the trip we were going to take to Denver this year with the top band I was in. We were going to be starting with some sort of cookie-dough fundraiser in a few weeks. The trip was going to cost about three-hundred dollars. In Denver we would be competing against a bunch of other middle school bands - and Mrs. Remar seemed to think we could win.

She also talked about the jazz band she wanted to start having on Tuesday nights. I had no idea if there was any way I could begin to work that in - I was pretty much packed at this point. She was doing her best to get me to join though. On our most recent chair placement test I had once again been first chair. That had really made one eighth grader mad - she thought she should be first chair. Oh well…

Dance practice after school was finally beginning to feel like the fun it was supposed to be. The rest of the girls, other than Danica and company, seemed to be getting over the recent stupidity and were being nicer again. I wouldn’t say they were outright being nice though - just nicer. By the end of practice I had pretty much nailed everything that she said she was going to make us try out with. The only other girl that was ‘that on’ was Amy. I had actually snuck ahead of some of the other girls somehow.

That night I was pretty pleased with myself as I went home and got ready for my ballet lessons. At ballet that night I had my first night trying to fit in with the second level class. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that while I was behind, I kept asking questions on what stuff was, I was able to catch up with them fairly quickly. By the end of that lesson I was still behind - but not too terribly bad.

As I got home from ballet that night it was already time to go to bed - and I was ready.

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