Standing Up To Life Book 2 CH 52 PT 3

Chapter 52 Part 3

The other girl in our group was a girl named Jenna. She wasn’t on the squad yet - and likely wouldn’t be unfortunately after her performance. I wouldn’t find out until much later - but apparently she and Danica had fallen apart in the main dance routine too. I just couldn’t see it from where I was.

We exited the gym and I got mauled by Amy. “How’d you do?” she asked me.

“Well I finished smiling - I think I did well…” I said, before breaking down completely into tears.

She hugged me and said she understood. I’m glad see did - I sure didn’t. I just did really well, or at least I thought I had, why was I bawling? I went from there to the choir room by myself so that she could concentrate on her own tryout. I wanted to stand there with her, but Mrs. Henry had come into the hallway to push us on to the next room so I couldn’t stay.

When I got to the choir room I saw Danica was curled up into a ball in one corner. Jenna was curled up into another, and I saw the counselor in there trying to decide if she should go to either corner. Thankfully there were no choir classes in the afternoon - so that meant that things worked out for privacy. I could hear that there was a sub in the band hall watching those students who were watching a movie. It sound loud.

I brought my attention back to myself though as I sat down on one of the risers. I couldn’t believe it… I’d made it through the tryout! But was it enough? The fact that Mrs. Henry was sitting there in the hallway made me nervous. She’s never been the main problem for me… but I still wasn’t sure about what was going on with Mrs. Hinther either. Everyone had been being closed lipped about it, and that made me nervous too.

I found myself back to worrying about the team… would I really be able to belong to a group like this? A girl who a year ago before had been the shortest, dorkiest, most outcast boy in school? I must have been back to crying because the counselor came over to me and handed me some Kleenex. She also offered up a bottle of water to me which I took and found out I was thirsty.

A while later I saw Amy come in with mixed emotions of her own, I jumped up and ran to hug her. The two of us sat and blew off some of our tension by talking to each other till we were just about feeling normal. Right about that time the last group of girls that were trying out came into the choir room. All of the girls alternated between being silent, crying, and in one case laughing uncontrollably. Apparently when Robin got nervous she just laughed, and laughed, and laughed until she looked like she was going to pass out. That was a good mix with the hiccups I found myself enduring about that time.

No one said or did much for the next thirty minutes while they were putting together the list for the team. After that time passed they asked each of us one by one to go to the gym. Somehow the counselor and Mrs. Henry had a system worked out so that no one came back to the choir room when they were done. What happened if you were accepted? What happened if I got rejected? I found myself wondering that - and stuck wondering that for a very long time. We were well into seventh hour - almost to the end of it when Kristina was called, and it was just Amy and I left in the choir room.

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