Standing Up To Life Book 2 CH 52 PT 4

Chapter 52 Part 4

“Amy… Way are we the last two? We didn’t go last…” I told her.

“I don’t know Tiff… I’ve been feeling like I need to throw up for the last fifteen girls.”

About that time the counselor said, “Tiffany, you’re next.”

“Good luck Tiff,” Amy said.

“Same to you Amy. I’ll see you wherever they’re stashing us,” I said.

I walked the distance from the choir room to the gym. Before I’d always thought it was just a few steps, no big deal, but now it seemed like the gym was a mile away, Mrs. Henry opened the door for me and I saw the Kleenex box propped on the table. Did that mean I didn’t make it?

I was shaking badly by the time I found my way into the chair that was in front of the table of judges. Coach Holt took the lead on speaking, “Tiffany, you’re never done anything with cheerleading before this summer - and a lot of times I could tell that in practice. But after only a couple times though, you were doing better than the veterans. If every girl on the squad worked as hard as you do we could have a really great team.” Did that mean I made it?

“You easily performed the most difficult solo routine of any girl today. I was surprised by how difficult the routine was, and how well you did on it. It was really amazing. You even looked like you were having fun doing it - by far one of the hardest things to pull off. All that being said, do you think that you can function on the team with things like changing room?”

“I’ll do anything I can Coach Holt. I ask that you not let the fact that I have some stupid extra parts prevent me from being on the team. I am a girl - regardless of those.”

“Tiffany, I have to say I believe you. And, that’s why I’m please to tell you that you made the team,” she said with a smile.

“Really?” I asked timidly. I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly.

“Really. We’ve been calling girls into here in order of their scores. You had the second highest score. You easily blew away almost every other girl - you should be very proud of yourself,” she said.

“Congratulations Tiffany,” Coach Clemens said to me. “You did even better today than you did last night.”

“Very nice job,” Mrs. Remar also said as I went over to each of them and gave them a hug to say thank you.

One of the coaches from another school told me, “if you ever want to go to another school, let me know. I’ll put you on the squad right away.”

“Thanks,” I told each of them.

“Tiffany, I would tell you to go down to where the other girls are being held to measure and be picked up by you Mom… but I think you would probably rather wait off to the side for Amy right?” she asked.

“Please?” I asked.

“Sure. I don’t want her to see you until afterwards though. Go wait beside the bleachers on that side,” she said pointing to the other side of the gym.

“Thank you!” I said with a big smile. I grabbed a Kleenex off the table quickly and went to where she asked.

I watched the same routine happen with Amy - apparently it was a tradition at our school (except the order thing) and when they told Amy she made it I ran over there to give her a hug. I was a little confused though - they had told her she had the second highest score too. And they’d gone in order, and she was the last girl. What was up with that?

“Okay Amy I asked Tiffany to stay for another reason I didn’t tell her about. Both of you had the second highest score because you both scored the same. I think I know the answer to this, but, could you two both work together well as co-captains?”

“Captain?” I asked. Amy’s voice was mixed in with mine.

“Yes, Captains,” she said. “It’s a big responsibility. We went back and forth debating on one or the other. We didn’t really want to make one or the other so we decided both. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah!” We both said and hugged each other.

“Good, that will work out well I think,” she told me. “Let me go ahead and walk you two down to the holding room and we’ll get all of your sizes done. I have a feeling both of you have Mom’s waiting for you.”

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