Standing Up To Life Book 2 CH 52 PT 5

Chapter 52 Part 5

As we walked down the hallway I couldn’t believe it. A Captain? Me? I was a boy just a year ago. How could I possibly be a captain of a girls dance team?

As we walked down the hallway I asked Coach Holt a question, “Umm… Coach?”

“Yes Tiffany?”

“Why us, and not an eighth grader like Kristina?”

“I’m running this squad completely based on skill. If there is a seventh grader that does better than you two next year she’ll be captain. This will make sure that it’s less about grade or anything else, and more about skill,” she told me.

“Okay, I guess that makes sense,” Amy said. “I was wondering the same thing.”

About that time we arrived at the room where all of the rest of the girls were being measured and waiting. One of the school’s secretaries was helping measure the girls who made the team. As I walked in she was taking another batch to the restroom to measure them. There seemed to be just Amy and I left to measure after them.

The other girls were all in tears and standing off to the other side of the room. I felt bad as I saw some of them over there - but I was really happy to see that Kristina, Ashley, Lindsey, Amber, Jennifer, and a couple other girls who were nice to me were on the side that made it. They ran up to Amy and I, “Did you make it?” they asked.

“Uh-huh!” Amy said. Hugs were all passed around and much jumping up and down with screaming occurred. Thankfully about that time someone had the brains to get the girls who hadn’t made it out of there to another room where they could cry in peace.

The secretary was back pretty quickly for Amy and I. She took us to the bathroom and asked us to ***** down to our panties and sports bra before remembering about the fact that I had some extra stuff below. “Oh I’m so sorry Tiffany… Umm… I guess maybe I should have your mother do this? Or at least without…” She was really freaked out.

“Miss I don’t mind if Amy’s in here, and I don’t mind if you do it. I’ve got on another ‘panty’ underneath this so it’s just really like okay - you won’t see anything that might embarrass us.”

“Oh… okay…” she said before continuing with measuring us. “Sorry for freaking out on you there,” she told me.

“It’s okay. We’re going to have to figure out how to deal with this stuff soon anyway,” I told her.

We finished getting my measurements and we got dressed. “Tiffany, Amy, I wish I had your measurements still…” she told us on the way back.

“No… I don’t have anything in the chest yet,” I told her.

“It’ll come,” she said. I hope she was right, but I wondered if she understood what she had said.

The two of us got back in time to see our mothers carrying in some more balloons and a bear that said, ‘Congratulations’ on them. Both mothers got huge hugs and tears from both of us before we separated so that Coach Holt could deliver one other bit of news to the girls.

“Okay ladies, I just wanted to clear up a couple things before I let you go home early. Everyone else in school still has a half-hour left, but I think you’ve all suffered enough for one day. First remember that your deposits are due by Wednesday. I’m going to go ahead and order the first uniforms today and have them express shipped. The company says they can get them to us by Wednesday. I’m not going to show them to anyone until we get them Wednesday though - so don’t ask. It’ll be a surprise!” she said the last bit with a smile, before going on with some other details.

“And lastly I wanted to tell you who your captains are going to be for the dance team. Both of these ladies tied in their scores, and did a great job. I think they’re going to make a great team to work for you all - Amy and Tiffany will be your co-captains,” she said. The other girls had a mix of expression from disappointment to happiness. Most of our friends were happy for us - I did see Kristina was disappointed. The two of exchanged hugs though.

“You’ll be the dance team captains and I’ll be the cheer squad captain,” she told us with a forced smile. “I’ll be okay with this after I cry a bit,” she whispered to me.

All of us broke up and went with our Mom’s home after grabbing our stuff, Amy and I were all smiles as we left.

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