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It'S Me Part 9

Why not?.What do mean asked Jesse.You are the most safety minded person i
know.You can hold meetings here and inspect their cars here..I bet Jim(sheriff)
would help out..He did some street racing in his day..Jesse said,i'll talk to him..
That night Jesse told Cindy of the plans..She told Jesse,i wanna help..With what
happened to Billy,we need to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else..
I'm gonna call Jim to see if we can meet and talk about this,Jesse said..The call was placed and Jim agreed to meet..Couple days later Jim met up with Jesse at the junkyard..Jesse told Jim what he wanted to do..We can do it here acouple times a month on Sundays..Cindy and Bob(boss)are willing to help..We can start a car club..Every car must pass our inspection and everyone must obey
the rules..Jim then asked the big question,,where are they going to race?.Can't
let them race illegally,right Jesse?.That's true,Jesse answered..We gotta find
someplace for races..Jim said,for now lets get the word out about this..Cindy said,that's the first step.. 
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Feb 2, 2013

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