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Why Me Part 6

She entered the house and didn't say a word to mom about what she saw..Hi mom,i'll be in my room if you need me..Once in her room she sat trying to figure
out what to do..She didn't want to embarrass Jesse..But she knew she had to get him to open up to mom..Mom called Maxine to help get supper ready..Few
minutes later Jesse came in..Mom said,you are certainly happy..You have fun?
Yes mam,he answered..Maxine let out a little giggle..Mom gave Maxine a funny
look..Couple days went by when Maxine thought a plan..She waited until Jesse
was sitting in the livingroom..Then she yelled from her bedroom to mom..Hey mom,i'm going to clean my closet out..Can i just put the bag on the back porch?
Sure sweety,mom answered..Maxine pull out acouple dresses,skirts and blouses that didn't fit anymore..She even put a pair of shoes in the bag..Then placed the bag on the porch and told mom she might have more..Mom said she is going to clean out her closet to..Now the wait
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M Feb 2, 2013

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