Standing Up To Life Book 2 Coda PT 1

Coda Part 1

After we got home, Mom told me to go shower and change into something nice. Apparently we were going out to eat with Amy’s parents for steaks at Outback to celebrate. I did as I was told, spending a fairly long time in the shower with the warm water hitting my back. Once I was out of the shower I dried my hair and worked on it until I was satisfied it was pretty. I made sure that my dress looked alright and stared at my reflection for several minutes. I liked what I saw.

By this time Mom was pretty much pounding on the door. “Tiffany hurry up!” she told me through the door.

After I took one last look I went to my room and found the necklace/earring set Mom and Dad had given me for my birthday. After putting them on I looked again at the mirror in my room for a couple minutes, “Stop staring at yourself Tiffany, let’s get going. We’re going to meet your Dad and the Hancock’s at the restaurant,” she said.

“Oh… alright,” I said with a smile.

“You do look very pretty tonight Tiffany,” she told me as we walked out the door.

I chattered all the way to the restaurant. I think Mom was just hoping that I would shut up by the time we got there - she certainly looked tired. I was excited! Who would have ever thought I would be on a dance team? I never would have!

We pulled up into the parking lot and saw Amy’s Mom’s car sitting there. “They must have already gone inside,” Mom told me.

They had gone inside and had put a request in for a table. Lindsey and Ashley’s parents were also going to join us - though supposedly Ashley’s Dad was running late for some reason. As we sat waiting near the bar area I saw a blip about a special report with our school in the background on one of the TV’s. “Amy’s Mo was on top of things and asked, “Can you turn that up please?”

The bartender did as she asked and soon we were watching a report on Mr. Sanders station, “Today the school board accepted the resignation of Mrs. Carol Hinther, the principal at Holden Junior High. She had been under investigation for manhandling a student. The district would not comment on the status of the student, but did mention a settlement has been reached with the student’s family. No announcement was made on a permanent replacement for Mrs. Hinther - but the assistant principal will be acting principal for the time being. In other news…”

I couldn’t believe it… “She’s really gone?” I asked out loud.

“That’s what they said Tiffany!” Amy told me - she was just as excited. We had already been on Cloud Nine; this was something way above that now. The two of us overwhelmed our poor Moms for the next ten minutes until Lindsey arrived. At that point they both got some relief because Amy. Lindsey, and I formed a trio of our own.

As everyone else arrived that night Mr. Sanders asked, “Did you guys hear yet?”

We told him we had, but he was able to give us more details that couldn’t be said on the report. Apparently she had been given the option of quit or be fired. Under those circumstances she wasn’t stupid enough to take the second option. He’d also heard that Mrs. Henry would probably end up with the job. I thought that wasn’t a terrible outcome - at least she had stood up for me from time to time. Maybe without Mrs. Hinther there she would be more supportive.

I got a surprise a few minutes after Mr. Sanders got there and told us this - my grandparents came to dinner too! They gave me a hug and handed me some flowers and balloons with a card. I was so glad that they were being so supportive of me!

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Feb 3, 2013