Standing Up To Life Book 2 Coda PT 2

Coda Part 2

After dinner that night Mom made me come home “I haven’t seen you hardly at all recently,” she told me as her reason. We ended up having a pretty girly mother daughter weekend complete with shopping, her doing my hair, and renting chick flicks. I had a lot of fun - it was nice to spend some time with her.

By Monday the school was completely abuzz with two big stories. Number one of course was Mrs. Hinther leaving. She had never been popular with the students so that was seen as a good thing. The other big news of course was about that ‘new girl,’ as some had taken to calling me now. A lot of the cheerleaders were really pissed that two seventh grade girls had taken the title of captain for the new squad. Many were angry that I had made it at all. But mainly a lot of them were unhappy about how they had ‘unfairly’ not made it.

Surprisingly when I ran into Danica on Tuesday after practice she actually said, “Tiffany you did a really good job. If I wasn’t going to make it I’m glad that you did. You did awesome during your solo routine.” The girl was human? I didn’t believe it - not after our initial problems.

That week our practices were done with an hour and a half of cheer practice followed by another hour and a half of dance team practice. It was especially busy week because it had a game against our rivals, and the premiere of our new squad! The next week was also going to be busy since it was the high school homecoming week - and we would be invited to do a lot of stuff with them.

The week passed by quickly and led to Thursday at half-time during the junior high football game. Like most junior high football games it was still light outside, so it wasn’t quite as nerve racking as we came up the field, but I was still plenty nervous. I knew Amy was to the right of me - and that at least made me feel better.

I loved our new uniforms that we were wearing - even more so than the ones the normal cheerleaders were wearing. Really, they were pretty similar, but instead of being white mainly, ours were black. On top of the black there was a bright blue band outlining several zigzagging bands of colour. In gold lettering, with blue white and blue outlining, our mascot, the coyotes, was spelled across the front. There were other stripes of gold alternating with earlier blue ones, at times crossing the blue stripes.

It was in a word awesome. Towards the top, above my left breast area, in smaller gold stitching my name, “Tiffany,” was embroidered in a cursive stitch. I couldn’t believe that they had managed to have these made and shipped quick enough to have them yesterday before we left practice. When we wore them to school today I felt like I was really special - especially when I saw the eight girls that were still wearing a white cheerleading uniform.

There was one other really cool thing about my uniform. Above my name, in different script, was the word ‘Captain.’ Amy also had that on her uniform - we had both confessed to each other that it gave us goose bumps when we had first opened the bags they had been in.

On the football field we began the routine. It was basically the same one as we had performed for our audition, except we now had small pom-poms in our hands for it. Over the loudspeaker we heard the music begin and we all started moving as one with our routine. As we reached of the routine I couldn’t believe how far I had come. Who would have thought I’d ever be wearing this uniform and performing like this? And who would have ever thought that the girls would be following me as a captain? Certainly not me!

What would the future bring for me now? I now knew that I could be who I believed I was. Life was just beginning for me as Tiffany and I could only hope that it would continue as it had this past week. As I marched off the field I smiled because I knew that as Tiffany it could.


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Feb 4, 2013