Fresh Start Chapter 68

Jirra walked back to her office lost in her thoughts. She really appreciated Tara's advice and how Tara treated her like an adult.

Jirra sat down in front of her computer and started to work on the newsletter. For the most part, the newsletter was finished, with the exception of the list of the new guests.

"How's it going, Jirra?" asked Judy, as she stuck her head into Jirra's office.

"Almost done," replied Jirra.

"How's it going with Alexis?"

"No problem; Alexis is really nice," replied Jirra.

"Glad to hear it. I have another task for you, if you're up to it," stated Judy.

"What's up?"

"There's a tourism trade conference in Albuquerque next week. I'm going down to talk to a bunch of travel agents about the spa. I'd like you to assist me."

"Sounds like fun," replied Jirra.

"Not really," laughed Judy. "But, I'd love to have you with me."

"What will I be doing?"

"You'll be helping me hand out our information package. I also hate driving alone." Judy then winked at Jirra.

"Well, since you put it that way, I'm definitely in!"

"Great. We'll drive down early on Tuesday and return Wednesday evening. I expect you to dress professionally. You should bring two to three outfits, as we might be invited to a dinner reception."

"Okay," replied Jirra. There was a slight nervous tone to her voice.

Judy smiled. "You'll do fine."

"It's a big step, but I appreciate you caring about me. Oh! I forgot, I'd better ask Mum before I say yes."

Judy laughed. "I beat you to it, kid. She thinks it's a wonderful idea."

"I should have known," replied Jirra. A big smile was on her face.
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