Adrian'S New Uniform PT 1


Part 1

I’ll have a nasty bruise under my eye in the morning but it was still a good game. That’s my favourite thing about Friday’s; I can stop at the park after school and not worry too much about getting dirty.

“Hi Dad, I’m home - just had a great game of soccer in the park.”

Dad doesn’t look too happy, “so I see” he says. “I think those shoes have taken as much soccer as they can stand and you’ve ripped your trousers again.”

Oops, I do look a bit scruffy.

“Go get cleaned up and changed and see if you can find that letter your Headmaster sent out about uniform rules. You and I need to do some shopping this weekend.” 

Oh no! I hate clothes shopping, but I guess I do need some new uniform and hopefully some new sports kit? I get changed and have a wash, the letter Dad wants is easy to find - from the rubbish bin. We have our dinner together and Dad checks out the new uniform regulations.

“Let’s see what you need for school this year shall we? Juniors - no. This is the bit, ‘Uniform for boys and girls aged 11 - 16’, ‘Trousers, grey or black or skirt, grey (not black) length within 2 inches of the knees’, ‘White or blue shirt or blouse to be tucked in to trousers or skirt’, ‘socks must be plain and black, black tights may be worn with skirt’, ‘shoes must be black and have no more than a 2 inch heel’ it goes on a bit about ties and sports kit, but it seems like it hasn’t changed much. “We’ll go into town tomorrow ok.”

The town centre was busy as usual on a Saturday morning. Dad and I went to Littlewoods to look for some new school uniform. I’m 13 years old, but the trousers marked as ‘13-14 years’ are still to big for me. I have to have a younger size and get Dad to take the label out so nobody knows. I try on a pair of black trousers and a white shirt; they fit ok so I go to show Dad. 

“Not bad, we’ll get some of those, now try this on”. Dad handed me a grey school skirt! I push the skirt away. 

“No way Dad, I’m not putting a skirt on - what’s the matter with you?” 

Dad forced the skirt into my hands, “listen up Adrian, I’m planning on buying you 3 pairs of those trousers and 1 skirt. If you don’t do as I ask, I’ll just buy 3 skirts and no trousers, is that clear?” 

Oh ****, what’s got into Dad? I’m standing in the changing room of a busy public store and wearing a skirt. First check that the coast is clear, and then I walk out to show Dad the skirt. 

“No that won’t do” he says, “You can’t even fasten the button comfortably, let’s look what else there is here.” 

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Feb 5, 2013