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Sometimes I Just Forget To Shut My Mouth, Part 5

I sat there and watched all the kids on stage but for some reason I was drawn to watching Sharon's brother. I don't know why but he seemed as graceful as the girls on stage, yet he was a football player. Sharon had told me his teammates knew he took ballet as well. As we watched the dance routine Sharon ask where I got my dress from. I told her mom had got it. She told me I should wear dresses more often as i looked very good in it. I naturally thanked her for the compliment. Then she ask me if she could talk to me after the show, maybe by the punch table. Not thinking I agreed. The show lasted another hour or so. We all stood and applauded the performance. Sharon took my hand and told my mom she'd be back with me in a few moments. Mom said it was okay cause she needed to go backstage again to help my sister change.
At the punch table Sharon looked at me and ask How long have you been wearing dresses? Not wanting to give myself away I said for a while but mostly I wore pants and shirts. Then she said what I feared. In a quiet voice she said, well Bobbi for a boy you look great in a dress, almost as good as my brother. What!..How?!!, I was dumbfounded and at a loss for words. She placed her index finger to my lips and said Shoosh. I think boys look nice in dresses. You are very brave for coming to the recital dressed. My brother wears dresses at home but fears going out in them. I wish he was as brave as you are. Finally I got the words out How did you know? Well, she began., You sat like a boy and didn't smooth your dress as you sat down, then you crossed your legs like a boy instead of at the ankles. You left your knees open like most boys sit. I hadn't even realized that boys sit any different from girls. She continued., I'd like to be your friend if possible. I like you. Elizabeth knows your a boy too and thinks your cool. We talked about it when we went to the restroom. I told her how I was teasing my sister and her girlfriends so mom had me dress this way. I was really sorry now for teasing them. She said That's okay, sometimes we girls tease the boys as well. So can we be friend? I told her yes I'd be her friend. She'd be my first girlfriend I really ever had. At that she kissed me on my cheek and said okay. Wow three girls knew i was a boy and didn't make fun of me, nor my sister.
We went back over to where my mom and sister were who had come out into the area. I looked at my sister and told her i was sorry for all the bad things I had said to her and I'd try to better brother. Sis looked at me and smiled. the she said maybe I should have had you become a sister to me earlier. We all laughed at that. I ask mom if i could give Sharon and Elizabeth our phone number and she agreed. Elizabeth looked at me and said she had a dress at her home she'd love to see me in. I just giggled at that. Mom seemed to be pleased with me. I told the girls To call me this evening, maybe we could have a play date. They promised they would.
We all went out to our cars. On the way home sis said she was proud of me and hoped she would get to see her special sister a little more often. I told her that is a good possibility.

The End.
Melodie13 Melodie13 61-65, M Feb 5, 2013

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