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You Throw Like A Girl, Part 1

Hi, my name is Robin. Why mom named me Robin I will never know. I even ask her once and she said maybe it was because a Robin had landed on her window sill the day she had me at the hospital. Most of the guys just called me Rob, the girls always said my full name - Robin. I liked playing with the guys but also liked playing with the girls. Dad tried to get me to toss a ball or football but I never got the hang of it. He was the first to say I throw like a girl. Then again I never liked playing sports. I just didn't fit into that mold of a Joe Montana or a baseball player. Because of my clumsiness I was always picked last for teams in gym class. It was mandatory because of some president's fitness program All boys were required to take gym classes. Then in the seventh grade it was announced that because of some titled law all boys were also required to take the Home Economics classes and the girls to take gym. Even then after the girls became a part of our gym classes I was again chosen last to play. I did however excelled in the Home Economics classes. The teacher even joked that someday I'd make a good housewife. I was embarrassed by that.
Dad still tried to get me to improve on throwing a baseball or football. He would say how I threw like a girl at times and mom would chastise him for it. Finally He just drew tired of trying to teach me. Dad would argue with mom that it was her fault i was more like a girl then a boy from moddle coddling me, mom would fire back not all boys were meant to neanderthal jocks as well. Mom would say it was because I wasn't like other boys and I was more sensitive. She said it wasn't abnormal for some boys not to be jocks. Dad of course would disagree with her.
Then the home Economics classes gave us THE ASSIGNMENT. We were suppose to make a dress. The few boys in the class moaned at this revelation. The teacher said we would all find it enjoyable and we could give it to our sisters as a gift. That was fine for the other guys, I didn't have a sister.
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Great story. Thank you. I was right there with you on the whole gym thing. I hated it!! Skinny, clumsy, couldn't catch, couldn't throw.

<p>I too wasn't athletic either. I do think Home economics should be required for both genders. It teaches how to take care of chores in and around the home. Clearly, Robin is just being himself in this wonderful essay. Boys should learn how to make dresses in this class. If girls can do this, so can boys.

Whats the matter, affraid you would ***** your dainty fingers?

Well Bud bear would be there to help you with sewing. He would bring the donuts too.

Sounds like my relationship with my parents. I was never really that athletic. And I did good in the year we were required to take Home Economics. I have to say Home Econ is one of the easiest classes.