Adrian'S New Uniform Part 2

Adrian’s New Uniform Part 2

He takes me to the rack of skirts and starts measuring them against me. I’m standing in the middle of the store for all to see! He gives me 2 more to try.

I almost run back into the changing room. Soon I’m stood in front of Dad again, and again he says no. This time the skirt is too long and I have to choose a shorter one. Finally, for the 3rd time and shaking with fear I let Dad inspect my skirt. Thankfully, it’s ok and I can get changed. 

We make our way to the shoe department, picking up some socks and a pair of tights on the way. 

“Stop looking so worried” Dad says, “I never expect you to wear that skirt again ok? As long as you have trousers to wear, you can use them. Of course, if you ruin all your trousers then you’ll only have the skirt left - that will be your fault.” 

Shoes, black, lace-up - boring but I wish that was all I had. After picking my school shoes, Dad made me try a few pairs of girls’ shoes. The first were pointed ‘court’ shoes with a slight heel, but I insisted they were too uncomfortable. So we eventually bought a pair with a buckled strap across the ankle. 

When we get home, I hung my new clothes in my uniform wardrobe. The skirt goes at the back, behind all the trousers. That’s where it will stay - I’m never touching that thing again! 

Does this happen to other boys? Is Dad being reasonable? I decide to ask these questions on the Internet, on a polling site. Using Dads’ computer. I create an opinion poll asking if other schools allow boys to wear skirts and what would happen to a boy who did? 

Back to school as usual on Monday, just a normal day until dinner time when the gang I usually play with started kicking a ball around. I didn’t dare risk getting grass stains or ripping my new trousers. Guess Dad’s plan is working, but it’s no fun. Each night I check the poll site, on Wednesday my poll is published. There are already 17 votes. I’ve read polls on the site before but this time it is about me and it’s a little scary. I’m  shocked, most of the votes say to wear the skirt in favour of the trousers - are they mad? One even says boys actually wear skirts at his school. I don’t believe that. Now to check the ‘messages’ section, only one message posted: “If a boy came to my school wearing a skirt I would kick him in the nuts until he was a girl”.

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Feb 6, 2013