The Revolution Part 4

How do you feel aboutr all this?.Billy stood quiet for afew seconds..Then sheepishly said, i love it..I have dressed as a girl for years..Mom would make me my clothes..She made sure everything was perfect..I finally get to wear all my pretty dresses anytime and anywhere i want..Thank you Billy..Now we have a young man that i know for a fact hates dressing in dresses..This is Devon..He is
15 years old..Devon can you tell us how you feel?.And feel free to speak your mind..Nothing will happen to you..Devon spoke up immediately..I hate it..If i could run away,i would..I don't like wearing girls clothing..I am a boy,not a sissy..
I wanna play the sports we use to play..So you will never accept this,Mary Beth asked..No,never responded Devon..Thank you Devon for your honesty..Now from a different point of veiw..We have acouple girls to tell us how they feel..
Sandy,15 and Cindy,14..Sandy how do you like the boys dressing in girls clothing?. I think it's wonderful..They see what's like having to match tops,skirts
and shoes..Having to walk and how to sit..It's just wonderful..Thank you Sandy..
Cindy,what can you tell us..I think its amazing the change in the boys..Most are so much nicer and...
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wear a skirt with me please or a dress

great story pls add me

Funny, my name is Devin.

HUM! My friend Devon is old, and bald, and fat, and ugly, and eats to much, and tells the dumbest jokes, and snores, and picks his nose and now lives in Chicago. Obviously you are not that Devon? (And I am a dead man walking and will get a nasty phone call about this comment. HUM!)

Oh wait! You spell your name wrong. Now I am in trouble, and Mr. Bud Bear is taking a beauty nap. Gad!

I may not live in Chicago but I live close to it.

Just tell Devon your jealous of him because he gets to be with Gary and Robert all the time.He'll understand because he is sweet and loving..

Let me see if I understand you Cindy. You are say that I should suck up to Devie? Hum! Yes! That's what I shall do when he sees this and calls me. He is luck though cus he has Gary and Uncle Robert all to himself. Gad! That's a hand full.

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YES! Wait till old Devie Poo (my friend Devon) reads this cus he will crap in his pretty panties. See, when he first started modeling he lived near me and Fraky and my mom became his professional talent agent like she was mine and Fraky's. One day up in Chicago we was really short on little girl models even with me and Fraky and a few other dual gender models.Course good old mom was quick to rescue the Agency's reputation by pressing her newest client into service, against his will, sorta, as he wasn't all that cited over modeling little girl's sun dresses. Naturally he didn't wanna up set my mom so he did as was asked of him, and well the rest is history. One happy Devon.Great great great great story Cindy!