Adrian'S New Uniform Part 9

Adrian’s New Uniform Part 9

Leaving the park at 6 pm, we drove to a nearby Travel Inn hotel to stop the night. We played some word games and cards before going to sleep, with Cathy and I sharing one bed and her mother in the other. I have to wait until Cath’s mother is in the shower before undressing as we all sharing the same room. Mrs Davies has no problem dressing or undressing in front of me. In the morning, she even asked my help to lift the zip on her dress. I wear a clean t-shirt and the same skirt as yesterday. Our journey home does not go well, just as we reach the motorway the car started to splutter then came to a stop. We waited over an hour for the AA mechanic to appear. He looked at the ignition and fuel system but could not make the car run properly. So he towed us to a service station to wait for more help. After a couple of hours more, Mrs D got annoyed and Phoned the AA again. Eventually another mechanic turned up, who also failed to solve the problem but at least he ordered the recovery vehicle to tow us home. We arrived back at Cathy’s home at 10 pm on the back of a tow truck. Mrs Davies phoned my father to explain that she would not be able to drive me home. “I have an idea”, she told my Dad. “Ade can stay here tonight, take the bus to school with Catherine in the morning then catch the school bus home tomorrow”. “Mrs Davies, thank you for the offer but I don’t any school clothes here.” “That’s no problem dear, Catherine has several spare sets and I know she won’t mind if you borrow one.” Cathy called me into her room, “Sorry about this” she said, “but my Mum is very old fashioned about clothes. I do not own a single pair of trousers, either for school or play”. I looked in the wardrobe Cathy pointed to and could see she was telling the truth. “That’s way I was so bitchy to you, I’m just sick of being the only girl in school who has to wear a skirt all the time.” Cath found some tights, a blouse and a skirt for me to borrow in the morning. We climbed into bed together and cuddle while I try to plan my escape from this mess. My best plan is to miss the school bus, walk home and hopefully get there before Dad goes to work. In the morning I watch Cathy getting ready for school and copy her actions. Clean panties and the hated bra first, then the tights,” blouse and finally a skirt. Cath’s shoes are a tight fit, and quite painful. Mrs Davies sees me struggling and finds a pair of her black shoes. “These are not really what the school likes you to wear”, she explains, “but they are black and the heel is only 2 inches so they can’t complain too much”. The shoes I was given to wear had narrow heels and a strap that went around my ankle. They fit much more comfortably but are just as hard to walk in. “Adrienne, do you need any sports kit for today?” asked Cath’s Mum. Foolishly I confessed that I had a PE lesson in the afternoon. Cathy let me borrow a sports bag and towel with a leotard and netball skirt. I also borrowed some pens, pencil and a notebook. Soon Cathy and I are walking to the bus stop to catch the school bus.

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