Adrian'S New Uniform Part 10

Adrian’s New Uniform Part 10

The school is about 2 miles from here, and my house another mile after that. “If you try to walk all the way home from here, you’ll never get there before your father goes out, then you’ll be locked out”. Cathy was right of course but what else could I do? “Come with me to the bus stop, not many guys from this end of town will know you. Just get on the bus and don’t look at anyone. When we get to the school, sneak away and go home, it’s only a 20 minute walk then”. At last with some hope of success. I walked with Cathy to the bus and joined another 20 or so boys and girls waiting at the station. I can see at least four boys who know me, I keep my back to them and hope my tinted hair, or just the skirt is enough that they don’t recognise me. I get on the bus last and sit near the front. When we reach the school I want to disappear quickly down a side alley and make my way home. Two things conspire to make my escape more difficult, firstly I’m wearing high heel shoes and second I’m wearing  skirt that stops me from seeing where I’m placing my feet. I trip getting off the bus and almost fall to the ground, everyone think’s it’s so funny. This gives me the excuse I need to run and hide, pretending to be embarrassed. As soon as the bus has gone and everyone else has gone into school, I start my walk home. It would normally take me about 20 minutes, but in these heels probably longer. I’ll have to walk through the town centre, then the park and finally our estate. I avoid the main roads and walk through the park, it’s a bit longer but I’ll meet fewer people. So far so good, now to look confident and stroll straight down my street and get home before Dad goes out. I don’t know how I’m going to explain to Dad what I’m wearing but that will be easier than explaining to all my teachers and about 300 pupils. “You girl, where are you going? Did you miss your bus?” The voice came from a car that stopped beside me. The driver is a teacher at my school. “Hello Sir, I missed the bus, I’m going to get my father to give me  lift” “No need for that, your late for assembly already, get in.” We drove back passed the park, back through town reversing all my efforts. “Whose class are you in?” asked the teacher. I told him my form teacher was Miss Williams and thanked him for the lift. My new plan was to let him drop me at the school car park then sneak out again and back home. “Miss Williams’s class is in the temporary cabins in the north playground, I’ll take you straight there, and perhaps you won’t miss too much then.” He drove the car all the way to the doors of my outside classroom and watched me go in. I had no hope of hiding or escaping. “good morning Miss Williams, sorry I’m late, I missed the bus” I announced as I entered and headed for my usual seat. “Class, be quite! Err, before you sit down Adrian, would you mind telling us all why you are dressed like that?” “It’s along story Miss; I stayed at a friends house last night and had to borrow some uniform to come to school. This is all she had to lend me”. The class burst into laughter again and had to be calmed down once more. “Do you think it’s appropriate for you to come into my class looking like that?” “I didn’t want to Miss, but it is allowed in the school uniform rules.” “Well we will see about that later, take your seat; you’ve disrupted this class enough for now.” 

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Feb 14, 2013