Adrian'S New Uniform Part 11

Adrian’s New Uniform Part 11

After the first lesson, Miss Williams took me see the headmaster. I explained that I had been stuck at a friends house because her mother’s car broke down and she had loaned me these clothes. Cathy was called to the headmaster’s office to confirm the story. Mr English, the headmaster, was amazed. “I think it’s marvellous that this young man has shown such determination to attend school. However, I also think we should reword the school uniform rules. For now you can return to your classes, but please wear trousers tomorrow”. At each lesson through the day I had to stand in front of the class and the teacher and I explained why I was dressed like a girl and that the headmaster had said it was ok. At lunch time I found myself in the playground, and I saw Tom and called out. “Don’t you come near me you sissy” he shouted. A group of girls started wolf-whistling and me ‘skirt boy’. Another boy shouted “Get him.” This was my dream, I’m going to get beaten up, they intend to stamp my balls into mush and make me a girl. I’m terrified and try to run, the high heel shoes make it impossible to get any real speed, in front of me are the steps into the building and I know that’s where they will catch me. Then Cathy and some of her friends appear. “I don’t normally like to smack little boys” she said, “but I’m going to teach you lot to stop ganging up on this boy”. The gang Cathy had brought were all older than those chasing me. They soon left me alone. My first lesson after lunch was PE, the games master would not let me play football in a skirt so I had to join the girls’ class and play netball. I’ll never live this day down; it just can’t get any worse. As I changed into my leotard and skirt, I noticed Tom was watching. He saw me quickly remove my blouse, skirt, tights and bra with an obvious practiced ease. He saw the very clear suntan lines left by my bikini top on Saturday. At least I didn’t look so well practice at putting on a leotard and netball skirt. I saw Tom after PE asked him why he was being so nasty to me. “You tell me you don’t want to wear a skirt that you were forced into it because there was nothing else to wear, is that right?” “Yes, that’s it Tom; the girl I stayed with last night didn’t have anything else, honest.” “liar, I think you wish you were a girl. Why don’t you just tell me the truth?” “I’m not a liar Tom; I don’t want to wear this stuff.” “So why would a boy who does not want to be a girl, or pretend to be a girl wear a bra? The skirt I can almost believe, even the tights but I can’t think of any reason you should be wearing a bra unless you just like it.” I was stumped; I had no reasonable excuse to offer that Tom could believe. “Tom, you’re my closest friend and I will tell you everything. I promise I’m not guy, I don’t want to be a girl and we can still be friends.” By the time I had explained everything to Tom; it was time to go to our last lessons of the day.

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Feb 15, 2013