Adrian'S New Uniform Part 12

Adrian’s New Uniform Part 12

We travelled home together on the bus and I still think we’ll still be ok. Dad on the other hand, was not so easy to talk to. “You let Mrs Davies think you’re a girl, you slept in the same bed as her daughter? Do you realise how much trouble we’re in?” “If Mrs Davies learns that a boy has been in her house, sleeping with her daughter, swapping underwear and who knows what else you’ve been up to, we’ll have social workers, police, school officials and all sorts of bother.” “OK Dad, calm down, I just won’t go to Cathy’s house any more then she’ll never know.” “Not quite as easy as that son, I already agreed that we would both meet with Helen and Cathy for dinner tonight. I wanted to thank her for taking such good care of you over the weekend.” “What are we going to Dad?” “Get in the car; we’re going to buy you a pretty dress for tonight - Adrienne.”

I was travelling in the car with Dad; neither of us had spoken a word since leaving home. How had I got into such a mess? On Friday I had left home looking like a normal 13 year old boy. Dad did not know I had changed my clothes before arriving at Mrs. Davies house. Cathy’s Mum, dyed and styled my hair and we had a great time at the Alton Towers theme park. Then, on Sunday Mrs. Davies car broke down and I had to stay another night at her house. Because Mrs. Davies thinks I’m a girl, I had to accept the offer to borrow Cathy’s school clothes and that’s what I’m still wearing. A grey, knee-length skirt, blue blouse and a pair of Mrs. Davies black heels. I had thought that my nightmare was over when I got home but found out that Dad had promised to meet Mrs. Davies and Cathy tonight. He wants to thank them for taking me out over the weekend and has arranged dinner at a nice restaurant. We are on our way to a retail park where Dad was going to buy me new clothes for this evening. “We only have two choices Ade”, says Dad, breaking the silence. “We can either tell Helen the truth and face the consequences, or we pretend you are a girl for one more night.” “I know Dad, and I realise how serious it could be. As long as this is the last time, I’m willing to pretend I’m a girl once more.” With that, we parked outside a large clothes store and went in. Like most clothes stores, this one had a huge ladies section. Dad leads me to the ‘young ladies’ wear area to look at dresses. “For a nice restaurant, a young girl should probably wear a dress” he says, “Try this one for size”. The dress was a ‘lilac shift dress’ according to the label, I took it to the ladies changing rooms. There are a few woman and girls in the changing rooms as well, I’m careful to pull my cubical curtain closed before changing. Stripping to just my bra and panties, the dress slips on over my head; there are no buttons or zips to fasten. Then I leave the changing room to show Dad, catching an exciting glimpse of a pretty girl in another cubical changing her trousers and another removing her shirt. “I don’t think that will do Ade,” says Dad shaking his head. “It’s smart enough and even fits ok but that thin material is not hiding the bulge in your pants very well”. Looking in the mirror, I have to agree, “Oops, there are some very pretty girls I there Dad, I couldn’t help it”. Seeing me turn pink with embarrassment, Dad smiled and said I should try something else. “At least you still think like a boy” he laughed. We choose another dress, a red mini with a pleated skirt, then go to find some matching shoes. The sandals we buy have open toes and a higher heel than I’ve worn before but feel comfortable enough. I put them on straight away to start getting used to them, the red sandals look a bit silly with my school uniform but that is not important right now.

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I don't know why they don't say their son is gay - it's not likely it's contagious.