Adrian'S New Uniform Part 13

Adrian’s New Uniform Part 13

“We only have a couple hours before we go to the restaurant”, Dad says and leads us to a chemist shop. “the assistants in here will do your make-up for free” he explains. While I sit at the counter in the make-up department Dad asks an assistant to help me choose some cosmetics. Then Dad disappears into the shop, leaving me with the shop assistant. She starts looking closely at my skin and eyes, “Hi, my name is Jane; let’s see what we can do for you”. I tell her my name is Adrienne and that my father is taking us out for a special dinner. “Your skin is a bit rough, you should try some of this first” said Jane. She applied some cream to my face and rubbed it in carefully. Then she decided “I think you need to enhance your eyes a little” and used a mascara brush on my eyelashes, followed by a pencil line under each eye. “The best colour for your eye shadow will be pink I think, too many blondes try to use blue it just makes them look old and the pink will pick up the highlights in your hair”. She carried on talking and I tried to pay attention but I’m not really that interested in make-up. The lipstick, Jane told me, was ‘all the rage’ with young girls, it causes your lips to swell up and look fuller. I just hope my lips will ‘un-swell’ when it comes off. Dad came back with a new tie he had bought for himself and a handbag for me. He thanked Jane for making me look ‘so very pretty’ and bought one each of the cosmetics she had used. “Do you need any perfume?” Jane asked, she found a ‘sweet young fragrance’ called “Teen” for me to try. As soon as we got home, I take my new clothes to my room and dad rushes to the bathroom to shave and get ready. First, I take off all the uniform I have borrowed from Cathy and ***** off completely. It feels so nice to take the tights off; my legs are tingling as if the blood circulation has restarted. But that was nothing to the pleasure of getting that bra off, my chest has deep red groves where the straps had been. I joined Dad in the bathroom for a quick wash. “Good grief! How did you get those marks on your chest?” Dad seems shocked. “I caught a suntan wearing a bikini on Saturday” I told him, “the other marks are from the bra Cathy let me borrow for school today.” “If I had known that, we could have bought you a bigger size, doesn’t that hurt?” “Yes Dad, it hurts. Have you ever tried one of these things?” I answered sarcastically pointing at the marks on my chest. “No need to get bitchy, try not to smudge your makeup when you wash.” I could only wash from the neck down as I didn’t want to ruin the make-up the shop assistant had put on me. I’m sure I could not reproduce the same standard again. After washing, I sprayed on some ‘Teen’ and started to get dressed. I was not looking forward to putting on tights again, we had bought some ‘light tan’ coloured tights to use instead of the black school pair.

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Feb 17, 2013