Andrew To Andrea Part 4

The dress made him feel very vulnerable and exposed; he tried to stay out as much of sight as possible just in case anyone should see him. Caroline took hold of his hand, this sisterly gesture had never happened before and normally he would have immediately pulled away. However, there was something reassuring in hold hands, it made him feel protected and his sister smiled at him in a way she had never done before. They waited for the car to emerge from the garage and as it pulled up in front of them, mother called out from the open window, “come on Andrew, do your job and close the door.” It was normally his responsibility to pull down the garage door and lock it but in his present predicament he had forgotten all about it. He hurried round to the back of the car, reached up and pulled down the roller door then bent down to attach the padlock to the hasp attached to the concrete drive. Caroline, who had followed him, tapped him gently on the shoulder and whispered, “Andrew, you shouldn’t bend like that when you’re wearing a skirt, you’ll show everyone your knickers, you’ll have to be more careful.” Andrew blushed and stood up straight immediately feeling very foolish, his sister giggled at him quietly saying that he needn’t worry as he’d soon get used to it, then, taking his hand again she helped him into the car. A few minutes later in the relative security of the family’s large red saloon, Andrew started to relax he was sitting in the back seat with his sister who was still gently holding his hand in a protective manner. Turning to look at him then to her mother she said “you know we can’t keep calling him Andrew when he’s out dressed like that. If people overheard they’d think it funny, wouldn’t they mummy?” “I suppose they would, what do you suggest?” “I think we’ll call him Andrea as it’s nearly the same as Andrew and it’s such a pretty name,” she gave his hand a squeeze. “Well, Andrea it will be,” their mother gave a quick glance over her shoulder and smiled at them. Andrew sat back in his seat feeling strangely contented as Caroline helped him to arrange his skirts and wasn’t even bothered by the fact that they left most of his legs exposed. His contentment however, was short lived, he realised in a very short while they would be arriving at Gran’s house. He would then have to suffer the indignity of meeting her in this frilly dress; he started to panic a little, what would she say when she saw him? How would she react? The thought of her laughing at his predicament was unbearable and he had the added threat of going out later on having to pass himself off as a girl. It was all getting too much for him to cope with and he began to pray that this was only a dream. After arriving they found Gran in her sitting room, Andrew tried to stay out of sight by standing behind the other two as they said their hellos. His main problem was that there were so many mirrors about the room he couldn’t help but see his reflection and that made him want to run and hide. All he could see was this little ‘girl’ in a frilly dress with a short flouncey skirt. Then Gran turned to talk to him, “Why Andrew don’t you look nice. I haven’t seen a boy wearing a dress since I was a little girl.” She took his hand and sat him down on the sofa beside her. “You know when I was young little boys often wore dresses for best occasions, I thought that sort of fashion had died out. But then they always did say that high fashion goes in full circles, you look very nice, blue suits you.” No one in the room thought to correct her assumption that Andrew’s appearance was a resurrection of a fashion of years gone by and he didn’t know what to say about her complete acceptance of the situation. “Right now you two children run along and have a play in the garden while your mother and I have a chat and I’ll get lunch ready.

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Mar 2, 2013