Andrew To Andrea Part 10

Once in privacy he started to imitate all the gestures he has observed his sister doing when she was in his bedroom. Things like automatically adjusting his skirt when moving about when sitting down on the floor. A few minutes later Caroline joined him, “do you want to help me with the rabbits?” Caroline had two rabbits housed in hutches attached to a fenced off run by the garden shed. Normally Andrew wouldn’t have anything to do with them as they were hers and as such, she would have to look after them. Every evening she would feed and sort out their hutches and bed them down for the night. On this occasion however, Andrew who was curious about going outside wearing his school skirt agreed to help her. It was late spring and although the evenings were getting longer it was still a little on the cool side as night-time approached. He felt the unusual coolness on his legs and the strange feeling of the hem of his skirt brushing against them. He felt the tingling sensation in his briefs starting again but yet again Caroline didn’t appear to notice, or even if she did she didn’t mention it. With the rabbits safely bedded down the two children set off back across the lawn towards the house with Andrew leading the way. Suddenly, he felt the back of his skirt flip up high above his waist. His sister, who was the cause of his discomfort, started laughing, “ now you know what it feels like.” Andrew started to chase her in mock anger but the role was reversed as she threatened to repeat the exercise. He then tried the same thing on her but she was too fast for him. He was enjoying the feeling of freedom afforded by the little pleated skirt when running it was a feeling he wanted to continue forever. They then took each other’s hands and started to wheel each other around and around, this caused both their skirts to fly up but neither of them seemed to care. Their mother, hearing the sounds from the garden, looked outside with amazement, they were actually playing together instead of arguing continuously it really was an occasion to remember. She then had to call them both indoors as it was time for them to get ready for bed. On the way upstairs Caroline whispered to him, “I’ve put a surprise for you in your wardrobe.” Andrew was somehow reluctant to get undressed but when he eventually was ready in his pyjamas he opened his wardrobe. Inside he found that Caroline had hung two dresses, he carefully took one out for closer examination. It was a white and pink cotton summer dress with a short full skirt and white lace trimming around the edges of the short sleeves and collar. The door opened to reveal his sister in her dressing gown, “I thought you might like those. I’ve hardly worn them and I’ve outgrown them and they’re much too young a style for me now.” She took out the other one which was a similar style in a pale lemon colour. “I thought they may come in useful because Andrea can’t wear her best posh dress for everyday use.” Caroline then helped him hang the dresses and his school skirt back in the wardrobe and kissed him on the cheek as she went off to bed. It was strange, only a few days ago even the thought of his sister kissing him would have sent him into a rage, but somehow things had changed. The next day was Friday and Andrew prepared to go off to school, Caroline who was late as usual came running in to get some breakfast. She looked at him with a disappointed gaze; “you’re not wearing your skirt to school then.” He thought that it was a silly thing to say, at that moment he would have given anything to be able to go to school in his skirt but how could he? He replied by saying that he wouldn’t be allowed but she answered back, “well how come we girls are allowed to go to school in trousers sometimes when it’s really cold and snowy, so why can’t a boy go in a skirt now that it’s warm? I mean its part of the official uniform isn’t it?” “Well if I did my friends would never let me live it down,” he was getting embarrassed. “I don’t see why, they might all want to but are too scared.” “Now enough of this silly talk, you’ll miss the bus if you don’t hurry,” Andrew was glad his mother had put an end to the subject.

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Mar 8, 2013