Andrew To Andrea Part 11

All day at school Andrew found that he kept looking at the girls and mentally noticing their mannerisms and how they managed their skirts. He also got into trouble on more than one occasion by daydreaming in class. The problem was that he couldn’t help thinking about the previous evening and the weekend. The family Saturday morning ritual never varied much, they would all breakfast in dressing gowns before getting dressed to get on with what ever plans they had for the day. That Saturday Caroline had a ballet rehearsal in the morning followed later on that afternoon by the actual ballet performance. Andrew however, had nothing to look forward to; all his friends were either away or busy doing other things including his best friend Peter. After breakfast, he went off to his room to decide on how he was going to spend the day, he had already decided that it was going to be boring. He sat on his bed still in his pyjamas feeling fed-up when suddenly he had an idea. He opened the wardrobe door and looking inside thought himself, if he was going to be bored as Andrew he might as well be bored as Andrea. Thinking in this way slightly frightened him but he soon cast off his night attire and set to work. He carefully removed the pink dress his sister had hung there, took deep breath and started to transform himself. The two female members of the household were talking in the kitchen prior to Caroline leaving for her ballet practice when the door opened to reveal Andrea looking very cute in a pink dress. Caroline was the first to get over their surprise, “look mummy, it’s Andrea come to pay us a visit, doesn’t she look pretty?” The children’s mother found her voice as Andrea walked towards them both, “I must say pink suits you, this is a surprise because I didn’t expect to see Andrea today.” “Isn’t she clever? She’s got ready all by herself,” said Caroline excitedly, “I mean without any help from us.” She walked over to inspect and nodded with satisfaction at what she saw, “someone’s been doing her homework, she even knows it’s not always necessary to wear a petticoat, now what else have we here?” She lifted the unsuspecting Andrea’s skirt, “you seem to have a thing about really frilly knickers don’t you?” Andrew had thought when he was getting ready that the frillier they were, the better he liked them. “What you could really do with is your hair sorted in an  everyday style.” She rushed over to a kitchen drawer, pulled out some white ribbon and in less than a couple of minutes had tied Andrea’s hair into two ‘little girl’ bunches. “That’s better, doesn’t she look cute?” “Caroline, you really must get going or you’ll be late for your rehearsal.” The children’s mother urged, “and as soon as you’re gone I think that Andrea and I need to have a little chat.” Caroline collected her things together and kissed her mother and ‘sister’ goodbye. As soon as they heard the front door close Andrew was taken by the hand to the lounge where his mother said she wanted to speak to him. “What have I done wrong? Don’t you want me to wear this dress? Shall I go and change?” “Such a lot of questions” his mother took his hand and smiled to reassure him. “No you don’t have to go and change, not if you don’t want to. You look very pretty and you can pretend to be Andrea as much as you want to. The only thing I wanted to say is that when you’re wearing dresses or skirts you must be careful not to let our neighbours or friends see you. People can be very unkind and they might not understand; you don’t want them laughing at you behind your back do you? I think it’s lovely to have two little girls around especially as they get on so well together but just keep what I have said in mind.” Andrew, very relived by this, smiled back at his mother then threw his arms around her, “thank you mummy.” Later that morning, on a bench in the sunlit garden, sat a pretty little girl dressed in a pink and white dress. She swung her daintily clad feet backwards and forwards as thoughts flooded into her mind.  This little ‘girl’ had always been know as Andrew until just a few days ago when suddenly his whole life had been changed. What started out as a desperate form of punishment by his mother had resulted in him finding out a whole new way of life and after his first embarrassments he found himself loving every minute of it

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Mar 9, 2013