Mr. Williams Is A True Man...

OK, I see my friends reading this and thinking "What the hell, has TRW gone completely bonkers?" Truth is, I've always been completely mad.

Robbie first caught my eye in the Take That days (20 years ago...oh shite...I'm old), because I wondered what such an edgy guy was doing in a boy band. I saw the honest, raw man with a message just screaming to be free. His voice was amazing too. Through those years and throughout his solo career he's battled with drugs and addictions to women that stole his soul. Besides all that, he's an Aquarian, loves english football, idolises Morrissey, is hot and has tattoos...just like me. Haha!!

I wish him the best with Ayda, I really hope that she's the one.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
Mar 28, 2010