I Need Friends. :)

Music people.

I really want to go to school for music composition! -- I've been writing and playing by ear my entire life.. I was trained on sax, flute and clarinet and breezed through them.. as well as choir. Had my mind set on piano and singing.. Been playing for about 18 years now. Taught myself guitar and play that pretty well now, too. I'm a classical girl tho, blues aren't as easy for me... although I'm getting better.. after learning guitar it's helped a lot. I learn everything by ear, though. Although I can sight read for vocals and other instruments.. piano is a B*** for me as far as reading music!  Why does piano music have to be so hard.. and what exactly can they teach me if I already write classical compositions and ballads? I can read piano music but I can't play it instantly like I could if I listened to it! Reading the notes don't register to my 'mind-ear' -- I think I have super music memory because all the classical songs and my own compostitions I have memorized. But, I'm aftraid if I don't start recording all my stuff.. sooner or later I will forget!


Anyways. Hope to find some common ground with some cool people and maybe share some insight. It's my first day so don't laugh at me.
I'm easily embarrassed.


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I would never discourage education. But, it sounds as if you have what you need already. What are you proposing to learn? Music theory? Nobody today except in classical music reads notes or sheet music.<br />
Computers are a great help if you want to staff your work.. but I guess I don't know what you're thinking you have left to learn? Do you want to play classics?

I've composed a lot of music and written a lot of songs, but I can't write musical notation. I wish I could.

Yeah. Seems we are in the same boat.

Really? I just didn't want to get there and them be like okay.. now you have to learn about piano music.. even though I can play anything on it! I will probably go for composition.. but either way I have to learn to read piano music. It SUCKS. I hate it. :)

One of my sons is about your age. He just graduated with a degree in Classical Music Performance. He sounds just like you...sax, flute, clarinet, piano, composer. He learned soooo much in those 4 years, yet loved every minute.<br />
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Go for it!

Yeah. You're probably right. I need structure. --

Going to school to study music would give you structure and a accountability. With all your knowledge you would do great!

Well, talent but no self starting abilities. I live in a dream world. <br />
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What's keeping you from doing it? Sounds like you have a lot of talent.