First Assignment.

I started music lessons when I was 10 but never had any formal training in composition. This is my first year ever of doing a composition course. Our first assignment for the term was to compose a melody for a solo one-voiced instrument (e.g. flute, oboe, trumpet)... I haven't got mine back yet but apparently "two people did really well and two people failed". As if that is supposed to be reassuring!! I'm worried that I got a crap mark for this thing because I rushed the ending... I didn't have enough time to finish the piece properly as I was really busy on the week of composition. And I was a bit taken aback that the instructor said too "I've seen you write in class and you write quite well". I guess I'll have to wait and find out... sigh

EDIT 26 APRIL 2012:

I got it back today. I got the highest mark in the class!!!! I'm so happy - I thought I'd fail my first assignment. He even said to me in person that he liked it (!!) I was so honoured. :D yaaay!
lntel lntel
Apr 15, 2012